Allente, the leading TV and streaming provider in the Nordic region, will be among the first in the globe to offer this new YouTube integration. The renowned provider of software for set-top boxes (STB), smart TV, multiscreen, and in-vehicle entertainment, 3Ready 3 Screen Solutions (3SS), has added YouTube as a content partner to its robust 3Ready video streaming platform.

The YouTube Recommendation API is now profoundly integrated into 3Ready, allowing video service providers and automakers to pick great content from YouTube’s vast catalog to deliver to customers. This includes the incorporation of YouTube APIs to surface and deep-link YouTube content recommendations across displays.

Allente, the leading TV and streaming provider in the Nordic region with 1 million subscribers, will be among the first to utilize this YouTube integration within the 3Ready platform. To enhance the next-generation entertainment experiences it offers on a wide variety of consumer devices, Allente will have the ability to visually curate YouTube content, which will include curated listings.

As a direct result of this pre-integration, Allente and other video service providers are now able to supply their consumers with event-based material as well as playlists from YouTube. Providers have the option of selecting topic-specific content clusters that have been pre-curated by YouTube itself and are grouped around areas of interest such as fitness or business, for example. These may involve Trending Content, New Music, Athletics News, Top News, Top Music, music genre, games, and movies, among an extensive list of YouTube-approved and curated entertainment options. Trending Content is also a term that refers to content that is currently popular.

The ability to give consumers with content that has been curated on YouTube cuts down on the amount of time it takes for users to find content that is entertaining. This presents a significant opportunity for many different sorts of service providers, including operators and carmakers.

In addition, service providers are able to efficiently manage and optimize UI/UX in a unified fashion across STBs (including Linux, RDK, and Android TV), Smart TV, the web, mobile devices, and in-car entertainment screens with the help of 3Ready Control Center. This is accomplished in a manner that is very visual and intuitive.

“We are overjoyed that YouTube has decided to work with 3SS as their partner to scale YouTube across operator and automaker platforms. According to Pierre Donath, Chief Product Officer and Chief Marketing Officer at 3SS, “Our ground-breaking integration enables service providers, such as automobile OEMs, to effortlessly curate content that people love across screens.” “With 3Ready, our operators’ interface and certification requirements will be drastically reduced. It is now simpler than ever to easily manage, organize, and provide a content-first user experience across devices with the integration of YouTube Recommendation API.” “This brings us one step closer to the vision where entertainment super-aggregators, whether telcos, pay-TV providers, or automobile manufacturers for in-vehicle entertainment, can deliver holistic, user-centric content discovery and access,” this will also brings us closer to the vision where entertainment super-aggregators can deliver in-vehicle entertainment” mentioned Donath. 

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