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The future is arriving faster than ever, and here you get to grab your munch of technology, with all the latest trends in IT, Finance, Marketing, HR, AI, and Startups.

Started in 2015, our vision is to give readers the most valuable information about technological advancements. We strive to make Global Tech Insights a global technological news destination while being the globe’s most-read website.

Our community consists of over a million professionals and includes industry leaders – especially CMOs and Marketing experts, HR leaders and CIOs/CTOs across diverse B2B verticals. Many of them regularly share their expertise on our properties, with enriching articles and studies. Some of the leading marketing technology brands like Salesforce, IBM, Radius, Domo, and SharpSpring have partnered with one or more of our media properties to reach and engage their targeted audiences to drive marketing performance across the funnel.

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The union of marketing & technology is reinventing how marketers do their job. Thousands of solutions, tools, and platforms promise to drive efficient and effective marketing; creativity, convenience, and accuracy are creating a win-win for marketers and their customers like never before.

  • (CRM) Customer relationship management
  • HR – Related Technologies
  • Analytics & (BI) Business Intelligence
  • (ERP) Enterprise resource planning

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The world’s leading and dedicated source of cutting-edge business technology related news, trends, and opinions. Global Tech Insights offers a platform for IT professionals and decision-makers to stay connected to the business impact of technology.

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