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Applying Artificial Intelligence in Human Resource(HR)

Artificial Intelligence In HR

As we enter a new kind of industrial revolution, the introduction of disruptive technologies such as Artificial Intelligence has been providing much necessary assistance within HR processes, specifically towards sourcing new candidates. While human interactions surely continue to remain an essential part of the different stages of recruitment, innovative technologies have certainly revolutionized the process.

Here are some of the benefits of applying AI with HR processes

HR strategies are being developed that are focusing on creating an agile, more employee focused, digitally enhanced workforce. One of the most time-consuming processes of HR is attracting the right talent for its organization. The seems to be a big opportunity for AI to improve the efficiency of the hiring and recruiting process. Machine-learning technologies are creating tools that provided automated solutions which include asking the candidates common relevant questions about the role. These tools can also help them get feedback helping HR representative to assess the candidate easily. In certain situations, the candidate applies for the job through an online career portal, which takes an HR representative a short while to communicate to them which leaves the candidates impatient. AI can be applied to make this processes automated by sending automated emails or messages keeping the candidates engaged and letting them know that the process is still ongoing.

AI-based tools can ease the process of following up with a candidate especially during the joining process by sending automated emails by engaging the candidate so he doesn’t feel missed out from the process. Use of Chatbots can help HR business units answer applicant queries based on the questions they may have about the recruitment process and respond accordingly to the candidate with relevant answers.

Another reason AI can help support HR processes is to avoid making decisions based on biases and promote diversity. Recruitment is one of the most difficult tasks within the entire HR process and there are at times that biased decisions made on based on age, gender, race, and religion, that commonly slip into the final decision making process and selection of candidates. AI-powered systems help reduce such biased decisions by being able to automatically screen a pool of candidates based entirely on merit and company needs.

AI is also helping candidates where simply over several webs based career portal, where they can discover potential employers, interview with them, and stay engaged in their talent communities. This new AI-based approach by HR leaders makes it even easier to aggregate and analyze current employee feedback from multiple sources. By automating this process, HR leaders get an improved insight to better empower their employees, nurture their top performers, and increase overall productivity levels.

With increased demand for companies to demonstrate the link between employee behavior and business outcomes, such advancements in AI-based predictive data analytics have been much time for the HR industry. This recent trend for using AI-based solutions has great possibilities to elevate HR activities, maximize employee and workplace productivity and provide more support and resources to managers, employees and candidates alike.

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