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How We’re Digitally Transforming Our Lives – Global Tech Insights Special

Our Digital Lives

Ok so you wake up, and before you even step out of bed the first thing you do is probably check your Mobile Phone. You want to check what you’ve missed out on while you were asleep. Most of us will move from first checking who’s calls we’ve missed, and then move to read our messages, and then emails. That’s probably the routine sequence most of us follow on a daily basis. We have definitely got to check up on some latest news to see what’s going on around the world. All of this communication right at our fingertips. What the day leads to form there is different for all of us, but one thing that will never leave our sides is our Mobile Devices – Phones, Tablets, Laptops, even Gaming Consoles. All of this “technology” right in our pockets/backpacks.

We then get to doing what we do best, some work at an office, some don’t need an office. However, this ‘technology’ never seems to leave our sides. It’s rather fascinating to know that even a single thought, a small idea, can reach the farthest corners of the globe within just minutes using this ‘technology’ we’re talking about. It just doesn’t seem to leave us alone. Even if you’re an artist and most of your work has to do with a paintbrush and a canvas, you’re probably still going to ‘go online to sell that painting’.

Move all of this to a larger scale, most enterprises/corporations, need technology to run their business. Everything from managing their accounts, to help performing tasks within different functions of a business from Sales to Marketing to HR, all of this needs ‘technology’, computers, telephones, software programs, applications, tools, etc etc.

Talking about end consumers, we have people all around the globe using at least a basic mobile phone service. Moving up the ladder, someone like a Marketer may need a Marketing Automation tool, a Content Management System, Accounting functions may need software that helps in easing out their ‘Bookkeeping’, Human Resource functions are spending large amounts on HRMS. In fact, even the company that even makes such software itself may need some kind of tool to ‘write the program’.

Sales Teams! When you find new customers, no doubt most of you’ll hate entering those details into your CRM system. Your job is done, you sold, why do the rest? Back in the day, they wrote it all up on a piece of paper, these days you’re simply writing up that sale on your computers. Easier than the old days isn’t it?

Every aspect of our lives these depend on technology so much, that they have pretty much ended up becoming our ‘Digital Lives’. Most of our day is spent looking at some kind of screen, Mobile Phone, Computer, whatever device it may be. Our thoughts are on Facebook, our latest happenings on Twitter, our Memories captured as our Instagram Photos. Even your Passport booklet probably has less information about you than Facebook does.

These Digital Lives or Digital Worlds that we live in, business or personal, what direction is this “technology’ heading us into? The recent hype about AI, IoT (Internet Of Things), features like Facial Recognition, this Automation of most tasks requiring manual work, and all if this ‘Technological Boom’ which isn’t more than a few decades old either, where is it leading us?

Innovation will never stop as long as the Human Race is here. We made airplanes first, then sent rockets into space, we even discovered new planets recently, so all this ‘technology’ is surely in a way helping us achieve such feats. Such technological innovation has helped people spread NEWS around the world faster but has also made some spread ‘rumors’ equally fast. This indicates that ‘technology’ can either be good for us unless misused which lead to its consequences.

All of this innovation is By us For us. Its how WE make use of it. Large corporations spend in the millions just to make sure their systems are secure, while somewhere else in the world there is probably that one inquisitive ‘geek’ who’s managed to find that loophole which can exploit that entire system which cost the corporation a big amount of money.

Talking about Money, they even have Digital Money these days – Crypto Currency (Bitcoin) Another domain of the very same “technology” which is in discussion here. Is that even safe? Or is simply Speculation? There are Crypto-Currency Exchanges that even allow trading on their platforms. This has also faced some criticism as some ‘cybersecurity’ concerns have brought to light vulnerabilities to Crypto Currency platforms too.

We're Digitally Transforming Our Lives

Every aspect of this “technology” we’ve created so far, and will even be innovating upon in the future, seems to have its own pros and cons. It’s up to us Users, Consumers, Buyers, Providers, Manufacturers, Traders, etc., all over the world, to ‘re-think’ their approach towards this recent Digital Transformation.

We must use these ‘tools’ to our advantage, make use of such ‘platforms’ for taking well-informed decisions, for not only in our Personal Lives but even for our Businesses. Everything from the mobile phone you have, to the computer you use, to even the games you play, always has something to teach us.

We at Global Tech Insights, aim to build such a platform where readers can not only learn more about such innovations all around the globe but use @gtechinsights to take well-informed decisions that affect their Lives and Businesses alike. Everyone from a C – Level Executive, to a Business Owner, Gamers, and Cyber Security Teams, those in Human Resource functions, to Crypto Currency enthusiasts, even those use technology to provide Customer Service, we’ve got you all covered.

If you feel you have a Product or a Service, or even your Ideas, that can help people learn more about your Technological Innovations for improving their daily lives, and enhance their businesses, whether it be a new App you’ve created or a new Game you’ve just developed, we’d love to hear from you, and help you get your word out!

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