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Microsoft Expands More Into The Educational Domain By Acquiring Flipgrid

Microsoft Acquires Flipgrid

Microsoft has made another acquisition and this time it is an Educational software start-up. Flipgrid is based in Minneapolis and is quite popular among vendors for educational Apps as it lets people create and share videos around specific topics. Microsoft has some serious competition from Apple and Google as they are too competing within the same space. The terms of the acquisition are not yet disclosed fully.

Flipgrid was earlier known as Vidku and its experience is similar to that of Instagram and Snapchat. Last year the start-up reported a growth in their growth of teachers on their platform crossing more than 800 percent. Using the app, students can themselves make videos on specific topics and share it with their friends. Indeed an interesting move on combining Social Media with Education to make learning more fun. Flipgrid has more than 20 million users all over the world, all of which now have been acquired by Microsoft along with the App, which is being used by teachers, students, and parents across the globe. Students varying from the age of 5 to 35 are using it and because of these features, they have been successful in raising $17 Million in a span of three years. One good news for Flipgrid users is that it would now be totally Free. Earlier it used to cost a school about $1000 for using the service. Microsoft is planning to manage Flipgrid as an independent platform just like LinkedIn. Flipgrid also integrates with other tools such as Google Classroom and several other Microsoft tools.

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Microsoft has got to have more tricks up its sleeves if they want to compete with Google and Apple. Apple’s spring event was quite unusual as they took on the challenge of launching something new within the educational space. Apple and Microsoft are a little behind Google in this field due to the number of Tools and Devices supported by Google for the educational industry. One of them being the Chrome Books which were a surprising hit and are being used in large numbers, along with Google Classroom. Apple also might launch a low-cost iPad, especially for students. Although Microsoft and Google both have devices available which focus on this, but they are trying to win the market using Software and Applications, and which makes perfect sense as the Software products and Applications can be run on a larger number of devices irrespective of their manufacturer or hardware platform.

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