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Need of Marketing Automation in lead generation industry 2018

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation refers to the software that exists with the goal of automating marketing actions. Many marketing departments have to automate repetitive tasks such as emails, social media, and other website actions. The technology of marketing automation makes these tasks easier.

Marketing automation is a very popular technology acquisition for many companies right now – from small businesses to large enterprises. It is the core software for marketing operations, and when used correctly, is responsible for significant improvements in marketing and sales processes. The concept of marketing automation has been prevalent in the marketing and sales systems of the corporate world for a long time and is expected to benefit the industry with ongoing technical advancements. The tasks such as order supplies, scheduling a package pickup, paying bills, research or communication via email with clients, prospects, suppliers, and partners indulge a lot of time and labor, which marketing automation is a comprehensive solution to.

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Marketing Automation is all about optimization. The growth of any organization depends on the complete and efficient utilization of available resources. The automation and synchronization of the marketing activities devoid of any manual error is the key to a stable marketing platform. To list down the benefits of marketing automation, the main focus comes at:

  • Reducing Staffing Cost
  • Increased revenue and average deal size
  • Improved accountability of marketing & sales teams
  • Reducing administrative costs involved and making governance  more effective

To think of the solutions marketing automation can provide, there can be numerous possibilities wherein marketing automation can solve the majority of the issues being faced by your organization right now ranging from lead generation to sales order tracking to improved communication with end consumers.

Without further ado, let us focus on marketing automation for sales and marketing teams of your organization.

Lead Nurturing

Of all the functionality available within most marketing automation platforms (MAPs), Lead Nurturing is the most essential and powerful. Being able to nurture leads based on a variety of attributes (behavior, demographics, buying stage) is a perfect complement to lead generation programs and is a high priority amongst marketing departments and sales teams.

CRM Integration

We all know that CRM has a long list of features. Marketing automation platforms that integrate seamlessly with customer relationship management platforms make for a powerful technology combination. Feed data to your CRM from your marketing automation and vice versa. Your marketing efficiency will never be the same.

Campaign Management

At the core of marketing automation is various marketing campaigns, perpetual or limited time. Make sure campaign management within your platform is manageable without excessive workarounds or gotchas and supports both inbound marketing and outbound campaigns as well.

Lead Management

Lead management is another fundamental feature of marketing automation software. Being able to move leads through the entire marketing funnel, all while passing this information to and from your CRM, is a huge task and should be handled effectively by your MAP.

Landing Pages

While some may utilize landing page builder services independently or within their CMS, many marketing automation systems have excellent landing page builders. If this is a requirement of yours, make sure you select a landing page builder that isn’t just flexible and easy to use, but also mobile-friendly as well.

Email marketing

When you are selecting marketing automation, you are likely upgrading your current and more traditional email marketing platform. Make sure your new MAP has a majority (if not all) of the functionality you use regularly in your existing e-mail marketing platform.

Social media Marketing

The marketing automation platform you select should either have built-in social media marketing and management tools or seamlessly integrate with one of the MANY social media marketing tools out there.

Lead Scoring

Lead scoring is often a sought after but challenging functionality to master in marketing automation. Nonetheless, lead scoring should come out of the box of any good marketing automation platform as it can make a huge difference to your lead management process when set-up correctly.

Sales Intelligence

Make sure your marketing automation tools can provide sales intelligence and insights in real-time so that your sales staff can take the necessary actions to move their prospective customers forward.

Analyst Take :

In conclusion, the advancements in marketing automation are endless and with every new tool, these will take you a step ahead in understanding the need for your end consumers with real-time and effective feedback. It will also help you in targeting your customers and plan better marketing and communication strategies

In sales, it is a very effective tool in sales forecasting and planning with marginal revenue losses and better results. Your marketing activities will be trackable and necessary changes in a due period of time will be possible.

A key tool that these software’s will also play would also be in better manpower management and an effective check on KRA’s will be possible with the checks leading to an effective, intelligent and unbiased HR and appraisal system.

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