Voiceflow, the industry’s first and leading collaboration platform for developing AI agents, announced that it has closed a $15 million financing round led by OpenView, a leading venture capital firm specializing in business software. Voiceflow will increase its commitment to product innovation and assist conversational AI product teams in designing, testing, and launching AI agents for customer support with this latest investment round.

Demand for conversational artificial intelligence (AI) solutions has never been higher as businesses seek to deliver exceptional customer experiences while freeing up teams to concentrate on other mission-critical duties. Future Market Insights predicts that the conversational AI industry will grow from $9.6 billion in 2023 to $47.5 billion in 2033.

Voiceflow is the most developed conversational artificial intelligence platform in the world. It enables teams of any size to collaboratively construct agents of any scope or complexity, regardless of the scope or complexity. The Voiceflow platform places a high priority on collaboration and usability, making it possible for enterprise teams to develop AI Agents together. When it comes to building, testing, and deploying AI-agents, customers who use Voiceflow can save a significant amount of time. As a consequence of this, teams are able to construct conversational agents for automated customer service and other agent use cases, such as the automation of internal tasks, at a rate that is twice as fast as that possible with traditional platforms.

“When we introduced Voiceflow in 2019, we intended to democratize the development of artificial intelligence agents for the Alexa and Google Assistant platforms” mentioned Braden Ream, founder and chief executive officer of Voiceflow. 

He also said that they are excited to partner with the OpenView team, which has an incredible amount of experience dealing with firms that are similar to their own. 

The firm’s expertise will be a tremendous asset as they seek to launch crucial new innovations and satisfy rising customer demand.

“In a very brief period of time, Voiceflow has not only introduced an innovative solution, but it has also sparked a massive demand from top-tier companies seeking to design, prototype, and develop conversational AI agents,” said OpenView’s Blake Bartlett. “OpenView has extensive experience assisting companies that are prepared for rapid expansion, and we look forward to assisting Voiceflow in maintaining its impressive momentum and position as the industry’s foremost agent-building platform.”

Voiceflow makes it possible to integrate with any natural language understanding (NLU) platform or technology infrastructure that already exists. This enables teams to improve their design and collaboration capabilities without having to spend a lot of money on replacing vendors or technologies. Customers can design complex conversations swiftly and easily with Voiceflow, share prototypes in minutes, and efficiently launch to production. Voiceflow will add an LLM-powered AI Builder, allowing customers to create and deploy large language model-powered agents for customer support and other applications.

Voiceflow has raised $35 million today and its valuation has increased by fifty percent since its last funding round in 2021. OpenView has joined investors such as Felicis Ventures and Amazon. 

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