PubMatic announces new and expanded partnerships with AMC Networks, FOX, iQIYI, ABS-CBN, and TrueID, among other premium streaming brands.

PubMatic, an independent technology company delivering the digital advertising supply chain of the future, has announced a series of enhancements to its CTV platform, providing publishers with market-leading technology innovation and exclusive brand demand, and enabling buyers to achieve campaign performance across premium streaming inventory.

The company processes more than a trillion CTV impressions per month from a rapidly expanding roster of CTV and OTT publishers and has announced new and expanded partnerships with premium streaming brands such as AMC Networks, FOX, iQIYI, ABS-CBN, and TrueID. PubMatic collaborates with six of the top seven global smart TV providers that offer ad-supported streaming services, four of the top eight addressable broadcast video on demand (BVOD) streaming platforms in the United States, and five of the top eight free ad-supported TV streamers in the United States. 

“Our CTV/streaming inventory has gained significant traction, and FOX Digital has continued to expand.” As we continue to streamline the process of working with FOX’s CTV inventory, our partnership with PubMatic and their SPO product demonstrates our commitment to make buying CTV easier and more automated for our clients, according to Abbie Reichner, vice president of programmatic strategy and operations at Fox Corporation. “Through our demand partnerships, we are able to provide unification and scale across the FOX Portfolio in order to assist buyers in enhancing our engagement and experiences while respecting viewer privacy.”

The enhancements to the PubMatic platform will provide tangible benefits to advertising clients who wish to programmatically capitalize on the high viewer interest and engagement with our content, which is our preferred method for unleashing the value of this highly sought-after inventory. The accelerated tempo of PubMatic’s new business growth in CTV coincides with the introduction of a variety of product and feature enhancements that provide buyers and publishers with innovative advantages:

Advanced ad-podding capabilities provide sophisticated competitive separation, frequency, and ad deduplication management to provide a seamless experience for viewers and greater value for advertisers.

Publisher Controls

The new creative approval tool from PubMatic enables publishers to pre-approve advertisements prior to programmatic auctions.

Content Signals

oRTB 2.6 enhancements enable enhanced content signals, bringing CTV sales in line with those of linear television.

Audience Addressability

The integration of PubMatic and LiveRamp’s RampID maximizes audience reach and enables privacy-focused addressability in CTV. Because PubMatic supports exposure records, each and every RampID impression is also completely measurable.

The enhancements to PubMatic’s CTV platform for publishers follow the introduction of Activate by the company. The new end-to-end supply path optimization solution leverages programmatic capabilities to automate the Direct IO procedure. Premium CTV publishers can tap into new sources of incremental demand as the company continues to expand its Activate business.

Nicole Scaglione, vice president of CTV and OTT at PubMatic, stated that PubMatic is the preferable monetization partner for premium CTV publishers due to its constant innovation and exclusive demand partnerships. “There has been a significant amount of interest in our publisher and advertiser solutions, as well as our newly launched SPO product, Activate. Our customers are the most important stakeholders in our innovation roadmap, putting us in a prime position to jointly conquer the programmatic future.”

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