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Software giant Microsoft reportedly buys code repository GitHub

Microsoft Buy GitHub

What is GitHub?

Git hub is the largest web-based hosting service which uses Git for version control. Wondering what Git is? Well, Git is a version control system, to understand it better git helps multiple developers work on a single project, reduces the hassle and helps in tracking all the changes. Git has managed to successfully be the only solution to the effective source code management system in the field of software engineering. Git was developed by Linus Torvalds, that’s right the very own creator of Linux. In fact, Linus developed GIT in 2005 for the development of Linux kernel. Now GitHub is a private company established in 2008 in Silicon Valley, California and offers some additional features on web-based hosting using Git. GitHub offers free accounts as well which are used to host open source projects. In a nutshell, GitHub is the largest host of Source Code in the world. In 2017, GitHub reported 27 million users on its platform. GitHub has helped in the development of some pretty awesome applications in the past like Atom – our personal favorite, free and open source text and source code editor.

So yesterday (June 4), Microsoft confirmed that they will be soon acquiring GitHub for a whopping amount of US$ 7.5 billion! The deal will be finalized by the end of this year. Inner sources state that GitHub chose Microsoft primarily because of their Indian origin CEO Satya Nadella. Since Satya has been appointed the CEO of Microsoft, Microsoft has become more welcoming and has started investing and supporting Open Source Projects.

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What will Microsoft get from this deal?

Microsoft has been the number one contributor on GitHub since quite long. Microsoft encourages its developers to use GitHub, Microsoft’s original File manager for windows is also hosted on GitHub. Microsoft’s recent investment trend points towards the open source technology. But it will be hard for them to gain the trust of the developers out there. Although Microsoft did make Visual Studio Code open source which is a powerful and widely used platform to build applications. Microsoft’s Xamarin’s acquisition to assist mobile app development was also seen as a positive step by developers. When Microsoft acquired LinkedIn two years ago, many had the same concerns as what will now happen to the platform, but LinkedIn was maintained separately.

The developers didn’t seem to react positively to this news as the GitHub Competitor GitLab tweeted that they are seeing 10x traffic than they usually receive and are trying their level best to scale up. A lot of developers have moved or migrated their repositories since the rumors of this deal.


Why are developers moving to GitLab amidst this news?

GitLab is basically GitHub plus some additional features. It was founded in 2011 in SanFrancisco. Why are some developers not happy and migrating to GitLab? The reason is Microsoft’s reputation. Microsoft has claimed that they will maintain the open platform but has still failed to convince a majority of the developer’s community! Developers are migrating their source codes to GitLab due to the uncertain future of GitHub, now that it is in the hands of Microsoft. GitLab even introduced resources to migrate GitHub repositories in one click making it easier for developers to migrate.

GitHub now doesn’t have to worry about raising funds and Microsoft has the biggest open source code hosting platform. A lot of people are excited about this acquisition as a lot can be done now that Microsoft owns GitHub. But only the future will state what will really be the result of this deal.


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