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Airbnb Executive, Lex Bayer has been appointed CEO of Starship Technologies and raises $25 million to take more of their operations ‘mainstream’

Starship Technologies delivery robots

What Is Starship Technology & What Do They Do?

Starship is a company developing small self-driving robotic delivery vehicles (unmanned ground vehicles). Founded in 2014, headquartered in London, England, it was launched by Skype Co-founders Janus Friss and Ahti Heinla. Ahti heinla acts as the Chief Engineering Officer as well as the Chief Technical Officer of the company. Starship Technologies wants to reshape how things are delivered locally. This company has managed to develop its first commercial, autonomous delivery robots, which have revolutionized the local delivery industry! These robots drive autonomously, although they are constantly monitored by the Starship Team which they can take control of at any moment in time. These autonomous bots are being used mostly to deliver groceries and food locally. The bots are designed to make delivery durations to not exceed more than 30 minutes, within 2 to 3 mile radius. These bots managed to bring down the original delivery costs by up to 15 times. Not only that, these bots are a hundred percent environment friendly. The delivery cost is kept under a dollar. These robots emit no carbon dioxide at all. They also help in reducing traffic congestion, by reducing the number of on-road deliveries.

Why Is Starship Technology In The News?

Starship Technology recently raised 25 million dollars to bring more to its mainstream offerings. This amount includes a follow-up investment from previous investors such as Matrix Partners and Morpheus Ventures. But there are some very interesting new investors on board as well. The Airbnb co-founder Nathan Blecharczyk and Skype founding engineer Jaan Tallin. Now the Company plans on implementing this autonomous local delivery system in Corporates Organizations and Universities campuses. Another big change which Starship has brought along and the reason it is making news is that now they have appointed the former Airbnb business Development Lead, Lex Bayer as CEO. All these recent events indicate that Starship is ready to test this system at a larger scale and it’s not long that you will be receiving your groceries at your doorstep by a Robot. Another company, Boxbot is trying to achieve the same and was recently granted permission to perform autonomous testing.

Delivery Robot returning to home base

Partners of Starship Technology

In order to test its robots, Starship partnered up with door-dash (An on demand restaurant delivery service), and Postmates, an On-Demand Delivery Service in the UK. Starship technologies have already been operating food deliveries in London. Some of the companies for which they deliver is Just-Eat, Co-op, Hermes Parcel Delivery, MediaMarkt, Swiss Post, and Tesco. They also raised 17.2 Million dollars in a seed round and their primary investors were Shasta Ventures, Matrix Partners Ventures and Morpheus Ventures. According to the company reports, these bots have been in contact with 1.7 million people already across 16 countries and have travelled more than 10,000 miles. The partnership between Postman and Starship Technology is a bigger opportunity, as the company just doesn’t want these bots to deliver food from restaurants they also want local groceries and packages delivered.


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