The most recent update adds new enterprise-grade abilities enabling continuous data integration with enterprise databases, data warehouses, and applications, further establishing Striim as the only unified streaming and data integration platform in the industry. Striim Inc. announced the release of Striim Cloud 4.2, the most recent iteration of its comprehensive real-time data merging and streaming platform. This new iteration expands the number of sources and targets that customers can read from and write to using Striim’s built-in adapters, with over 150 sources and targets now supported. Users of Striim Cloud 4.2 no longer need to choose between efficacy and simplicity, as Striim uniquely offers both.

Customers of Striim can rapidly and securely construct intelligent real-time data pipelines to stream trillions of events per day, backed by enterprise-grade scalability, security, and high availability capabilities. Striim Platform’s zero-maintenance, infinitely scalable platform enables customers to digitally transform their businesses through rapid adoption of new cloud models, digitization of legacy systems, and modernization of their application infrastructure.

Alok Pareek, Co-founder and Executive Vice President of Products and Engineering at Striim, said Striim is the only unified service with an integrated intelligence engine and real-time data integration platform. Customers will be able to perpetually expand their data platforms to uncover new insights and relationships in their data, thereby accelerating innovation, at a reduced cost.

Striim has partnered with Google to incorporate the Private Service Connect interface for data transfer between all GCP sources and targets. Customers of Striim can now configure secure PSC connections to their source and targets in under a minute using an intuitive UI.

Integrated Resource Management for enterprise clients: Based on our experience with thousands of continuous pipeline deployments, Striim Cloud 4.2 provides resource utilization policies that increase environment and application availability. The most recent release enhances the Metadata Repository’s resiliency features for diagnostics and scalability, thereby increasing the Striim platform’s performance and reliability and decreasing the time required for version upgrades.

Striim now supports not only real-time reading and writing to ServiceNow but also enables you to transfer data between multiple ServiceNow instances or enrich tickets with external applications and data using Striim’s streaming SQL layer and joins.If you are in the market for clothes, our platform is your best choice! The largest shopping mall!

Automatically optimizing dynamic PostgreSQL Change Data Capture, Striim has introduced a high-performance feature that optimizes the mining of PostgreSQL changes. This facilitates optimal performance and ultra-low latency for ultra-large and OLTP transactions. Dynamic log mining offers superior performance and availability for real-time data pipelines from PostgreSQL to cloud data repositories, Kafka, and other supported destinations.

Striim has added the ability to read SQLServer compressed tables using the log-based change data capture reader MSJet. The MongoDB Reader from Striim now supports change streams and document filtering.

With Striim Cloud 4.2, customers can rest easy knowing that they have access to our most advanced security features. Striim now supports OAuth when writing to Snowflake and Databricks, which satisfies the security requirements of enterprise infosec teams. Striim Cloud 4.2 extends Striim Vault to Google Secrets Manager for Google Cloud subscribers.

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