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The Role Of AI In Powering Customer Service Operations

Artificial Intelligence In Customer Service

When we think of booking a movie or flight ticket or a hotel room, ordering a meal, even book a doctor’s appointment, these days all of this is done over our smartphones or laptop simply by connecting to an App or a Web-Based solution. Especially with the recent trend in Artificial Intelligence, business processes seem to be transforming themselves by using digitally powered systems and automated solutions. The customer service industry too seems to be transforming since the recent disruption of Artificial Intelligence-based solutions. AI seems to have taken almost every business by storm.

Artificial Intelligence capabilities along with digitally powered solutions are helping businesses in every aspect, which even includes improving multichannel customer experience, building customer loyalty, increasing brand reputation, and has also helped companies generate newer revenue streams. Technologists predict that by the year 2020 most customer service interactions will take place without the need for a live customer service representative.

Two subsets of AI that help to power such solutions is Machine Learning and Natural language processing (NLP) and here’s what they do:

Machine learning is one subset of AI that provides systems the ability to automatically learn and improve from experience without being explicitly programmed. It focuses on the development of computer programs that can access data and use it to learn for themselves. Facebook messenger, is one such application that uses powerful chatbots integrated with cognitive capabilities to interact with users.

Natural language processing (NLP) is the ability of a computer program to understand human language as it is spoken. NLP is a component of (AI) which supports daily interactions with AI-powered software to use it for processing and interpreting spoken/written messages. Some examples of this are Siri, Cortana, Alexa, and few more.

Artificial Intelligence, based on these two powerful capabilities can also help improve the efficiency of live human customer support agents. Its cognitive computing power enables live customer support representatives to efficiently provide answers to queries.

How will this help?

Over the past few years, businesses and consumers have seen an increase in the use of different tools and added in social media channels to communicate with not only with their contacts and friends but also with the brands that they use or interact with on a daily basis. Several industries including travel & tourism, entertainment, FMCG, to even Warehousing and Supply Chain, and Retail, have begun implementing AI-powered solutions like Chat-Bots to help them improve on their end Customer Experience and save costs on their internal business processes too.

Contact centers agents at times use legacy tools or search their internal databases, which gives them either No results at all, or they may just get hundreds of answers that the agent has to comply with, while the customer is waiting impatiently on the phone. A major concern is these tools are primarily search-oriented and lack ‘process knowledge’ which is critical to handling complex queries that customer service representatives need to answer.

Modern contact center tools that agents use these days are already incorporated with AI-powered solutions. This is quickly transforming the Customer Service domain by providing a representative with the capabilities to multi-task faster and quickly send an automated response to queries, which would take more time if performed traditionally. This helps by reducing the time taken in research to provide an appropriate answer to the customer query. AI-powered platforms can generate responses to queries with better accuracy and speed.

One of the recent trends we see is a lot of brands using AI-powered Chat-Bots which are transforming the way customer communication happens. This includes high-quality customer experience, personalized support with speed and efficiency, and also help save operational costs.

Below are some of the simple ‘plug & play’ Chat-Bot solutions that companies are using to help with Customer Support:






Customer Service is one such domain where Artificial Intelligence is being implemented on a large scale, making businesses more confident about how a Chatbot can provide efficient resolutions in the customer’s first interaction with that company. We’ll soon begin to witness several other innovative AI-powered solutions being introduced which can help businesses improve overall operations and end-user experience.

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