The days of creating tech platforms solely for the purpose of socializing are long gone. Today’s technological platforms can also assist you in landing your dream job. If you’ve recently quit your job or want to scout the job market to see what’s available, here are tech tools you should look into.

Crystal Knows

Crystal Knows, a Harvard Innovation Lab-developed tech tool, is a personality detection tool that, once embedded in a web browser, assists you in determining the best way to approach potential clients or employers. The tool mines publicly available data (LinkedIn accounts, Facebook pages, blogs, Google, and other information) using data mining techniques to create a DiSC profile of the candidate using personality AI. Crystal Knows also provides advice on how to communicate with anyone online, such as what terms/words/tone of voice to use.


Fishbowl is a professional community that facilitates constructive conversations about career advancement. It enables people to connect with others who share their interests in order to receive advice and mentorship in order to achieve their goals. It essentially equalises entry-level employees and top-level executives so that everyone can learn from one another through organic conversations as well as formal Q&A sessions with business titans and leaders. This technological tool can be used to have conversations with anyone in any company or industry in order to exchange knowledge.


In today’s world, not having a presence on LinkedIn is no longer an option. It’s a career development and professional networking website developed by Reid Hoffman, where users may showcase their work experience, education, and skills. Though it began as a professional networking website, it is now also used to display skills and brag about professional accomplishments.

Furthermore, when interviewing prospects, human resource experts always look over their LinkedIn profiles. Companies can now post job opportunities on LinkedIn for job searchers to apply to directly.


With Shapr, professional networking won’t feel like a hassle. You must provide your professional experience, certifications, interests, and location when you sign up with Shapr. Shapr links your profile with appropriate professional relationships every day based on this data. You can also communicate with another person if you both exhibit mutual interest. In 2015, this professional networking technology product was founded in France. The ecosystem assists new-age companies in finding investors, networking, and recruiting the proper people.


Indeed is one of the most successful job search software solutions, allowing you to browse through millions of job listings. It assists people in finding jobs, reading company reviews, and determining wage expectations. Indeed has launched a tool to its platform that allows employers to conduct video interviews. Indeed can help you find the job of your dreams, whether you’re an established professional or a recent graduate, whether you’re looking for an in-office opportunity or a remote/hybrid work model.


ZipRecruiter is a popular job site that connects job seekers with jobs (and vice versa) by matching their qualifications, abilities, and experience. Using artificial intelligence, ZipRecruiter’s intuitive system recommends the top applicants to recruiters. Simply upload your most recent resume to the platform, and ZipRecruiter will begin to offer jobs that are a good fit for you. It is quite simple to apply for employment using this technological equipment.


You’ve certainly heard of Glassdoors, but if you’re not utilizing it during your job hunt, you’re losing out on crucial information about the company you’re interested in working for. Glassdoor allows employees to remark on the work environment, culture, compensation structure, and other aspects of their present (and prior) employers. It is also possible to post anonymous corporate reviews. It also allows businesses to publish job openings in addition to company reviews.


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