Xtag, a global leader in event management and onsite registration solutions, is overjoyed to announce their strategic partnership with Zoom Events, a leading platform for virtual and hybrid events, with the intention of delivering comprehensive event solutions that span the entire event lifecycle for both hybrid and in-person events.

As a result of the relationship between Xtag and Zoom Events, Xtag’s leading-edge capabilities in the fields of event management and onsite registration have been integrated into Zoom Events’ comprehensive offering. This cooperation symbolizes a commitment to provide event administrators with a comprehensive suite of tools and solutions that handle all elements of event planning and execution.

As a result of this relationship, Zoom Events will be in a position to provide event planners a comprehensive solution that covers all aspects of event organization, including event planning and registration, as well as virtual event execution and onsite experiences. Event organizers would benefit from using a unified platform since it would increase their productivity, do away with the necessity for using various technologies, and guarantee that spectators would have an experience that was both consistent and great during the event.

By leveraging Xtag’s event management and onsite registration software, Zoom Events event administrators will have access to a vast array of features, such as efficient event registration, self-check-in kiosks, badge printing, lead retrieval, and comprehensive reporting and analytics. This integration enables event organizers to administer their events efficiently, increase attendee engagement, and make data-driven decisions to improve future events.

Xtag’s CEO and founder, Elad Rosanski, exclaimed, “We are thrilled to partner with Zoom Events, the industry’s fastest-growing event platform.” “Through this partnership, event organizers will have access to the best-in-class event platform, Zoom Events, as well as cutting-edge onsite solutions technology from Xtag. This partnership enables Zoom Events clients to integrate Zoom’s superior platform with Xtag’s market-leading onsite solutions.”

“With the partnership between Xtag and Zoom Events, we are thrilled to offer our clients a comprehensive engagement lifecycle solution, particularly as more events transform back to in-person and hybrid experiences,” said the Product Marketing Manager for Zoom’s event solutions, Robin Bunevich. He also mentioned that they recognize the importance of offering their clients with the most effective onsite badge printing, monitoring, and lead recovery solution in order to offer organizers and attendees seamless event experiences. By thoroughly integrating these capabilities into the Zoom Events platform through the partnership with Xtag, they are ensuring that their clients have access to the industry’s leading onsite solutions, which will increase the success of their events and improve attendee experiences.

The relationship between Xtag and Zoom Events is an important milestone in the event management business since it offers event organizers a one-stop solution for all of their event requirements. This enables event organizers to save time and effort while simultaneously improving the quality of their events. Event organizers are able to offer events that are seamless, engaging, and successful across the entirety of the event lifecycle by leveraging the event management and onsite registration software developed by Xtag in conjunction with the platform developed by Zoom Events.

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