Verizon Business has announced a strategic global relationship with HCLTech. Under the terms of this partnership, HCLTech will serve as Verizon Business’ principal Managed Network Services (MNS) collaborator in all networking installations for global enterprise customers. This agreement will usher in a new era of large-scale wireline service delivery for enterprise customers by combining the networking strength, solutioning, and scale of Verizon with the market leading Managed Service capabilities of HCLTech.

Verizon Business will continue to be in charge of the customer acquisition, sales, problem-solving, and general planning and development with the company’s existing clients. HCLTech is going to be in charge of taking care of post-sale implementation as well as continuing support. In order to successfully carry out the meticulously planned and equitable allocation of responsibilities across the organization, Verizon Business Global Customer Operations will be transferring a small number of their personnel to HCLTech.

Customers will also benefit from the agreement by receiving an MNS portfolio that is known to be the finest in its class, a highly digitized experience with data-driven service models, increased efficiency and lifecycle management with a frictionless interface, a comprehensive end-to-end partner ecosystem, and cooperative innovation on an integrated platform.

“HCLTech is a renowned industry leader for Managed Network Services, and with their IT service experience and ongoing assistance of our business network deployments, Verizon Business can modernize our service delivery and simultaneously heighten our focus on assisting customers in incorporating next-generation technologies such as 5G, SD-WAN, and SASE into their own operations and customer offerings,” according to Kyle Malady, CEO of Verizon Business. “IT/OT convergence is the future of data-centric business operations, and customers need a well-coordinated delivery framework to actualize this future given the rapid acceleration of digitalization.”

C Vijayakumar, CEO and Managing Director of HCLTech, stated, “Managed Network Services is central to our business, and we are pleased to collaborate with Verizon Business to lead MNS in all of their network deployments, modernization, and operations for private enterprise.” “Our data-driven service delivery, sophisticated network capabilities, and frictionless customer interfaces, combined with the unique strengths and resiliency of the Verizon network, will enable businesses to drive improved business outcomes and time-to-market.” 

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Verizon Communications Inc. (NYSE, Nasdaq: VZ) was founded on June 30, 2000, and is one of the largest providers of technology and communications services in the globe. Verizon, with headquarters in New York City and a global presence, generated $136.8 billion in revenue in 2022. 

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