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Here is what you need to know about the Apple WWDC 2K18 !


Apple WWDC – 2018

Apple Worldwide Developer Conference

Apple WWDC kicked off with the launch of IOS 12. The most exciting integration according to apple to IOS 12 is that they have managed to take Augmented Reality far and embedded it in the operating system. One of the Augmented Reality related tools is Measure. The measure allows you to measure three-dimensional objects via the Camera. Let’s just say that measuring sizes would be a lot easier now. Apple has also stepped up there Do not disturb feature as too much screen time could be really harmful to our health. All the notifications will be bundled together and delivered and organized in a way never done before. The feature Screen Time tracks which apps are being used more and a summary of this pattern are available to you at the end of the week so that you can manage your screen time and adjust accordingly.

Another huge update in the IOS 12 is that the widely used video calling app by apple called FaceTime will now allow up to 32 people on a single call. With the IOS 12 users will be able to use Siri while they are using other apps as well. They have been able to incorporate Siri to interact while other apps are running. Although this has been done before by Samsung with their smart assistant “Bixby” in the Samsung Galaxy S8 and above models it was not successful enough and people ended up removing the Bixby shortcuts from everywhere. There are some new Animoji and emoji features as well which will exclusively be made available with the IOS 12.

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APPLE WWDC 2018 then introduced the new operating system for the Apple Watch called Watch OS 5. Apple claims that watch OS 5 has some really cool features and now can use SIRI more effectively via the watch. The watch OS 5 also has a new app called Walkie Talkie which as the name suggests will make your watch work as a Walkie Talkie so that you don’t have to get on a call every time. It just exchanges voice messages back and forth with other Apple Watch users. Auto workout detection is also something new to the Apple watch. Now users will be able to listen to their favorite podcasts on the Apple watch. The crowd got really excited when the podcast feature was announced. All the generations of apple watch will be able to run the Watch OS5 except the first generation

The new Mac OS Mojave.

The new Mac OS, Mojave will have a dark mode which will turn your screen grey and dark to protect your eyes while those long working hours and might we add the dark mode does look really cool. Apple has figured out a way via which they will be able to bring iOS apps to Mac OS with very little code changes and it is estimated that this way will also be available to developers by the next year. As for now this year Apple NEWS, Voice memos, Home and Stocks have been brought to Mojave from the IOS. Another slightly modified version of folders has been added by Apple called Stacks. Stacks are basically folders with a defined file type such as images, pdf, docs etc. Clicking on a stack will pop up all the files in the stack and then you can browse through them easily and in a more organized order.

Apple also focused some of their time on security as with the new Safari update websites like Facebook will not be able to track you using those Like buttons anymore. The new Mac OS Mojave is scheduled to be launched this fall.



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