Yahoo Messenger shuts down messenger

During the early days of the internet, the ability to Chat with our friends and share media for no additional costs on your computer with your friends was something that made our lives easier. Yahoo’s Messenger application was one such tool.

Sadly, Yahoo has decided that it will be shutting down the legendary Yahoo Messenger, and users guys have only a month to use this service as after July ’18 onwards, this service will not be available and neither would users be able to access your old conversations. Yahoo also said, they know they have some very loyal users who have been using the Yahoo Messenger since its launch! Over the years as the communication industry has changed drastically they want to work on something which better suits the needs of today’s user.

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The reason for shutting down the service is not clear yet, and the company did state they do not have a replacement product available, but are still experimenting with many new apps and services. The Yahoo! Messenger page will now redirect to Yahoo Squirrel. Yahoo Squirrel is a group-text app which is an ‘invitation only’ application and is in its beta phase right now. Over the past two decades the service has been used by millions of people worldwide. Even after the discontinuation of the Messenger service, the ‘Yahoo Id’ would still remain intact for accessing other Yahoo! services such as Yahoo Mail and other services. Yahoo! has made a service available with which you can download your conversations. This service will be available for next six months,  although you cannot import these chats to any another application. You can only store them in your device. Yahoo Messenger was earlier known as Yahoo Pager and was launched in 1998, and became an instant hit when Hit! One interesting fact that not many people know is that the WhatsApp team had former Yahoo! Employees too.

Yahoos’ parent company is Oath, which is a subsidiary of Verizon. Verizon is clearly bringing some major changes to the way they work, and their strategies.

The company is also replacing their CEO-  Hans Vestberg, who was the Chief Technical Officer and will now be acting CEO of the company. Verizon is trying to expand itself outside basic telecom connectivity, which could also be the reason for Yahoo Messenger’s shutdown.

Among all the social media apps Yahoo is ranked as 160 on iOS and holds the rank 117 on Android, which is much behind when compared to its rivals.

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