CXO Decision Brief: Data Lakehouses and
Data-Driven Operation


Data Lakehouse: Fueling the AI Revolution with Trusted Data!

Welcome to the AI era, where its transformative power is rapidly seeping into every corner of business operations. To establish a rock-solid foundation for AI and data-driven decision making, one data architecture reigns supreme: the Open Data Lakehouse.

Data lakehouse facilitates data literacy and data-driven operations, by enhancing trust in data through governance. It increases flexibility to expand AI and analytics. It makes data more accessible, provides self-service analytics with any choice of tool, ensures data quality, and simplifies data security.

Read this report to:

  • Discover the risks of stitching together best-of-breed solutions to drive data operations
  • Learn about the benefits of an end-to-end data lakehouse that uses open technologies to promote data-driven operations and predictive analytics
  • Understand best practices for a data lakehouse

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CXO Decision Brief: Data Lakehouses and Data-Driven Operation