Internet of Things (IoT) devices are expected to become pervasive in the near future. These semiconductor-powered gadgets will automate every operation conceivable. IoT devices that use sensing, calculation, and cloud connectivity will drastically enhance the effectiveness of activities as simple as turning on a light to more complicated procedures like outpatient care or factory control.

The applications are numerous, and their potential and influence are limitless.
Nevertheless, as linked devices become more “smart,” security issues arise. Conventional lighting control, for instance, is really basic — it’s just a power circuit with a physical switch.

Physical closeness is required to operate the switch. To secure this procedure from illegal usage, the switch must be physically protected. Assess lighting control as an IoT device in its smart manifestation.

The smart light switch has become far more difficult to secure. All IoT device developers will face difficulties as a result of this extra intricacy.

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