By being chosen to participate in the initiative, individuals will be granted access to ChainGPT’s suite of blockchain tools enabled by artificial intelligence, which will consist of its SDKs and APIs. This will facilitate streamlined development and scalability.

ChainGPT, an infrastructure for Web3 that offers a wide range of tools and services and is fueled by artificial intelligence, has introduced a grant program with the objective of fostering innovation at the intersection of blockchain and AI. ChainGPT will provide three categories of financing for startups in various stages of development, with a combined maximum of $1 million in grants: scaling-focused growth grants, builder grants to stimulate early-stage innovation, and research grants for recently initiated projects.

Vitalik Buterin, the founder of Ethereum, recently published an article discussing potential synergies between blockchain and artificial intelligence, concluding that he anticipates “more attempts at constructive use cases of AI in all of these domains, so that we may determine which of them are genuinely viable at scale.” Although Web3 developers generally concur with this viewpoint, the centralized nature of AI disrupts the blockchain and Web3’s fundamental principles. Addressing this and other barriers that impede technological collaboration necessitates a heightened focus on research and development, in addition to fostering industry discourse and education.

The inception of the grant program is consistent with ChainGPT’s fundamental objective of advancing the blockchain domain through AI-driven solutions and providing assistance to Web3 developers who are developing blockchain-optimized AI technologies. The primary aim of the program is to eliminate obstacles for entrepreneurs to participate by equipping them with AI technologies specifically designed for blockchain applications and assuring them of the essential resources required to foster innovation.

A fundamental aspect of the grant program is that it provides access to the ChainGPT ecosystem, which comprises an extensive collection of AI-driven tools designed for blockchain. ChainGPT’s SDKs and APIs, for instance, furnish entrepreneurs with a comprehensive set of instruments to construct AI-driven products, tools, and applications. Whether a startup desires a plug-and-play solution via an API or a more customized approach via the SDK, the technical infrastructure of ChainGPT empowers users to capitalize on AI advancements.

The funding program accepts online applications from startups. Before interviewing and choosing, ChainGPT will evaluate each startup’s eligibility, impact, and fit. Startups can receive up to $50,000, and ChainGPT will give $1 million in USDT and product credit.

ChainGPT, a blockchain AI infrastructure pioneer, offers a smart contract generator and auditor, advanced AI trading, an NFT generator, an AI-powered security extension, and SDK and API access for developers and organizations to integrate ChainGPT. For growing skilled and innovative Web3 entrepreneurs, the ChainGPT Pad earns top ROI rankings and helps the ecosystem through strategic mentorship.

“We are totally devoted to assisting innovation in the developing AI-blockchain field, and our commitment to granting grants extends beyond simply monetary backing,” says ChainGPT CEO and Founder Ilan Rakhmanov. As a startup that incubates and launches IDOs, we will offer grant program participants promotional support, technical guidance, and partnership opportunities. This effort promotes shared learning to foster the next generation of digital innovation by creating a more robust Web3 arena where AI and blockchain will unlock new opportunities and redefine digital possibilities.

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