360ofme Inc., a provider of a trusted personal data exchange platform, announced the relaunch of its new capabilities and objectives to revolutionize securely storing, sharing, providing insights, and monetizing data between businesses and consumers. The relaunch was announced during a television segment hosted by Dennis Quaid on the PBS program Viewpoint Project.

In the modern economy, data is a valuable commodity, and businesses are under increasing regulatory pressure to safeguard data privacy and security. In addition, consumer skepticism and the emerging need to safeguard their digital footprint are compelling companies to take unprecedented measures to secure and protect personal data.

Accenture reports that 80% of consumers do not trust the use of their personal information, and 87% do not believe sufficient safeguards are in place to protect their personal information. 360ofme aims to transform the paradigm surrounding personal data from a commodity held and leveraged by businesses to a product that unlocks the value created by a user’s data.

360ofme’s first-of-its-kind platform allows users to curate, secure, analyze, share, and monetize their personal data on their own terms and for their own benefit, while enabling businesses to provide insights and revenue through anonymized data exchange. Imagine a world in which users could continuously monitor their risk for heart disease with real-time data, take proactive steps to plan for their retirement, and remain current on required vehicle maintenance without leaving their homes. Users can take control of their digital footprint for the first time and realize its potential by capturing insights that improve their well-being.

360ofme was ahead of its time in terms of its emphasis on consumer data privacy and understanding of the power of personal data to have a meaningful influence on people’s lives when it was first introduced in 2016. The shift in emphasis on data privacy observed today from a regulatory, consumer, and business perspective paved the way for a great opportunity and the perfect time to relaunch 360ofme in 2023.

In addition to perspective shifts, the foundational technology for 360ofme is now made possible by a partnership with Skyflow, which has developed the world’s first commercially available, simple-to-implement data privacy vault. Skyflow Data Privacy Vault is the foundational infrastructure that enables 360ofme’s vision to become a reality, a technological departure without precedent.

Not only does 360ofme aspire to create a world in which a user’s data can generate life-changing insights, but the company is also committed to being a catalyst for social good in everything they do. Cindy Warner, the company’s founder and chief executive officer, states, “We established the company as a social enterprise…” We will donate 1% of our profits, 1% of our employees’ time, and 1% of our product to those in need so that they can use it to exchange data, build trust, and protect consumer data. This is the foundation of our enterprise and the reason for our existence.” In her 15-year tenure, Cindy has led organizations at Amazon Web Services, NetApp, IBM, PwC, Salesforce, and EY/Cap Gemini as a thought leader in the development of strategies to leverage cloud computing to drive change.

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