AUDIENCEX, an AI-enabled digital advertising platform designed to optimize performance for challenger brands and independent agencies, is proud to commemorate a decade of innovation in the digital advertising space. Throughout this time period, AUDIENCEX has consistently pressed both limits and expectations, establishing itself as a leader in providing advertisers with customized, data-driven marketing solutions that deliver measurable value.

Founded in 2013, AUDIENCEX was established by the synthesis of three complementary entities – an award-winning creative and strategy agency, an advanced DSP built on top of AppNexus, and an omnichannel performance marketing company. The two co-founders of the newly formed AUDIENCEX committed to a single mission: to redefine the landscape of digital advertising by leveraging technology, creativity, and data to drive scalable performance outcomes for agency and brand direct clients. A decade later, this mission is still the driving force behind every technological innovation, omnichannel campaign, and strategic partnership the company develops for its clients.

Reflecting on this singular achievement, Jason Wulfsohn, CEO and Co-Founder of AUDIENCEX, said, “Our ten-year journey is a testament to our exceptional team, our unwavering commitment to innovation, and our unwavering conviction in the value of strategic excellence. While we are proud of our past achievements, we are intently focused on the future. In a period of macroeconomic unpredictability, our integrated platform solution is more essential than ever, predicated on the need for robust strategic support that assists our clients in resolving their most pressing business challenges.”

During its first decade, AUDIENCEX has executed over ten thousand high-performing omnichannel campaigns for over six hundred fifty clients across a broad range of verticals, including higher education, financial services, consumer electronics, health and wellness, and travel and tourism, among others, as well as several hundred agency partnerships. Through its first decade of innovation and evolution, certain key attributes have remained consistent, namely the ability to generate measurable performance outcomes across the digital ecosystem and throughout the entirety of the full-funnel consumer journey.

As AUDIENCEX looks ahead, its market relevance and innovative potential continue to increase. Brittany Wray, VP of Product, is central to the ongoing evolution of the aX technology stack, as she asserts: “We are fiercely committed to enhancing the impact and measurability of every touchpoint throughout the entire consumer journey. We are aware that the next ten years will be about anticipating and addressing audience requirements proactively in order to drive results and compete effectively in any vertical.” With this challenge clearly in mind, the company has significantly evolved their tech infrastructure to drive exceptional performance for marketers today, while establishing a dynamic foundation for the years future.

Recent developments include: Cookieless solutions, AI-driven solutions, retail and shopper marketing solution, data consultation services, CTV solutions and tech-enabled creative services.

Recognizing that standing still is not an option, the company remains committed to the continuous evolution of its tech infrastructure and operations as it advances. Brand marketers and independent agencies alike expect and rely on a dynamic strategic partner capable of addressing the ongoing challenges of interoperability, privacy, identity, and the rapidly evolving AI landscape, all of which have reshaped the entire industry over the past few years. 

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