Emplifi CX Cloud employs artificial intelligence (AI) and additional capabilities to equip brands for contemporary consumer engagement.

Emplifi, a premier unified customer engagement platform, has announced the highlights of its Summer ’23 offerings. The solution provides advanced automation, expanded support for generative AI, commerce innovation, and integrated social customer care, among other capabilities, to enable brands to connect with, convert, and care for modern consumers across digital and social channels.

Emplifi’s Chief Technology Officer, Todd McClin, stated that the company’s most recent innovations infuse its marketing, commerce, and service solutions with a potent blend of automation, foundational and generative AI, rule-based decision-making, intelligent routing, CX analytics, and integrated care. 

Emplifi’s Summer ’23 solution highlights include a multitude of new capabilities, workflows, and features:

Social Promotion

  • Emplifi Care enables businesses to respond immediately and proactively to incoming social media consumer requests, inquiries, and feedback. Emplifi Care provides integrated case management tools for social media and community managers to route, open, manage, monitor, analyze, and escalate customer service and care inquiries. 

Specific capabilities highlighted during the Summer of ’23 include:

  1. By aligning service level objectives with case priorities, customized SLA targets and real-time alerts help to improve efficiency and ensure compliance.
  2. Enhanced filtration options, such as sentiment analysis, enable teams to identify the inquiries, requests, and messages that may have a substantial or significant impact on the brand.
  3. Cases in Emplifi Care are integrated with Salesforce Service Cloud to enhance team productivity and workflow while maximizing return on investment across existing infrastructure.
  • The Summer ’23 release enables social media teams to publish UGC assets across prominent social platforms, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and TikTok, using Emplifi’s acclaimed User Interface. 


  • The expanded capabilities of Emplifi Influencers enable brands to convey their story more effectively and increase conversion and revenue. The influencer database now provides access to over 30 million macro-, micro-, and nano-influencers as a consequence of Emplifi’s acquisition of Pixlee TurnTo. Brands can also send products to influencers and monitor costs, delivery status, and content from a central location.
  • Emplifi UGC incorporates genuine, user-generated content into brand narratives, thereby increasing relatability, engagement, and conversions. AI-powered product tagging enables both brands and consumers to tag products, allowing customers to promote their favored items and assisting brands in increasing product awareness, thereby closing the content-to-commerce gap.
  • Emplifi Ratings and Reviews assists brands in highlighting ratings and reviews as a means to influence purchasing decisions.


  • Emplifi Knowledge now supports generative AI, allowing authors to construct topic-specific question variations to streamline knowledge base management and assist agents and consumers in obtaining the most accurate answers to simple to complex questions.
  • The Summer ’23 release now includes self-service templates and ready-to-use conversation flows to expedite the deployment of omnichannel agents.
  • The user interface of Emplifi VoC has been updated to support Emplifi’s award-winning UI/UX framework. New scalable star ratings have been introduced to Emplifi VoC to provide brands with an additional user-friendly feedback tool. 

“Our Emplifi Summer ’23 game-changing solutions introduce a wide range of enhancements, integrations, and fine-tuned improvements. This powerful release provides substantial value to our marketing, sales, and customer service departments. As we advance towards Fall ’23, rest assured that more revolutionary innovations are on the horizon,” as stated by McClain.

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