Discuss’s most recent next-generation innovations, including GenAI scaling tools, off-platform research capabilities, and more, will elevate your market research.

The Spring 2024 product release of Discuss, the preeminent purpose-built platform for innovation that drives next-generation insights, signifies a significant advancement in addressing critical challenges encountered by researchers worldwide through the facilitation of human-centricity on an international level.

The most notable aspects of the most recent release are:

Summaries are expanding for global research using GenAI and Genie; across dozens of countries, English summaries of multilingual research are being generated, enabling researchers to access insights with ease. By utilizing immediate recaps, project summaries, and thematic analysis, researchers are able to compile practical insights from research teams operating worldwide. This facilitates the advancement of knowledge and fosters empathy among target audiences in all regions and locations.

New Consumer Reach Solution Tier is intended for global firms seeking a centralized market research scalability solution. This novel resolution grants unrestricted entry to Discuss’s comprehensive platform, which facilitates IDIs, focus groups, asynchronous activities, Genie, and more. Additionally, critical services including live technical support for each session, project management, and recruitment are also accessible without restriction. This innovative and all-encompassing solution represents a turning point in cross-border research and the acquisition of insights, as it grants unrestricted access to the intended audience and provides immediate access to expert support for all members of the organization.

Reckitt’s manager of consumer insights and analytics, Pisipati, stated, “Within a week, I was able to facilitate conversations between cross-functional teams and consumers in five countries and five languages using Discuss.” “Since implementing Discuss’ Consumer Reach solution to further unleash our consumer empathy efforts across our US teams, we have observed phenomenal results.”

Profoundly insightful findings that resonate with consumers on a global scale are now possible due to the advancements in machine transcription. Transcribing an hour of video in a mere 30 seconds is an example of the significant speed improvements. 

Research functionalities of Off-Platform that facilitate the uploading of video files by team members worldwide, regardless of whether they are stored on their personal hard drives, Dropbox, Google Drive, or SharePoint folders. Automatically transcribed, the files are now a part of a research repository that is accessible worldwide; a click with Genie identifies significant themes and insights.

Optimised and simplified access and controls enable teams to concentrate on extracting insights rather than managing administrative duties, irrespective of their geographical location. All of this is facilitated through a unified central location that grants visibility into your research endeavours. The enhanced administrative efficacy of this newly implemented automated User Management Dashboard facilitates access requests for all parties involved.

Adam Mertz, chief growth officer of Discuss, remarked, “This most recent release exemplifies our dedication to enabling researchers to confidently navigate this emerging era of market research.” We are equipping researchers with these improvements so they can conduct more extensive investigations, scale their endeavors with ease, and optimize their processes, all while keeping the human element at the vanguard of their worldwide research.

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