Businesses work to attain revenue and revenue comes from sales. Sales is all about how a business utilizes its resources to generate a sales pipeline. From the sales pipeline, the leads are then categorized into high-quality leads and others. Sales teams look for many ways to generate leads and potential customers. However, public relations is also a great way to generate leads just like other resources. 

The sales team expects that public relations can help them in gaining more leads. This expectation is absolutely right because public relations can actually help them out if done correctly. It is right to assume that public relations can help, but they have to accept that a good public relation strategy needs a certain time of offering expected results. It is not about just a day or a night. For attaining your desired expectations, you need a powerful strategy for how to reach to target audience on time. You basically need a good story to tell, good writers, and last but not least key performance metrics that will allow a marketing team to access the result of a public relation campaign and generate leads. After this only, you will be able to convert those leads into potential customers. It is a long and time-consuming process that a company needs to carry to keep leads flowing from the tap. 

For both the PR team and sales team, it is equally important to understand the whole process. The key to the lock is the tools and techniques that PR teams use for generating leads. 

PR tools for boosting sales campaigns

PR tools mean technology, application, and software that are used to make your campaigns strong and effective. With the help of PR tech, many campaigns became successful as per the plan and expectations. 

AI-text generation tool

AI-text generation tool is one of the most exciting tools in any PR campaign. This is a new tool in the industry, marketers are excited about it. It can generate content for promotions, email campaigns, pitches, and many other texts with just a few clicks. It has drastically improved and changed the way of preparing and circulating any document. 

Big data analytics

We all have heard about big data analytics. Big data analytics have also gained fame just like artificial intelligence. It is a big name in various business sectors. Big data analytics facilitates the collection and analysis of large volume data based on customer choices and preferences, influencing factors, and others that marketers can use to reach more strong decisions. From a PR point of view, big data analytics can help in targeting the right customers as per their needs and preferences. 

Communication platforms

Despite knowing the importance of all types of communication platforms, some marketers still use email as the only form of communication. For PR campaigns, companies should employ real-time and tech-based communication platforms to achieve high growth. By combining communication platforms with PR strategy, marketers will gain higher chances of a successful campaign and lead generation. 

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