Utilizing AI, virtual agents develop an efficient and streamlined customer experience IntelePeer, a prominent provider of AI-powered communications automation platforms, has incorporated OpenAI GPT into its intelligent virtual assistant (IVA), SmartAgent, by integrating with Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service. By means of this integration, IntelePeer is providing sophisticated solutions that completely automate customer interactions, enhance operational efficiencies for enterprises, and facilitate a more streamlined and expedient customer experience.

Frank Fawzi, CEO of IntelePeer, remarked, “Integrating with Microsoft Azure OpenAI Service, IntelePeer’s Communications Automation Platform is revolutionizing customer service by entirely automating almost 85% of voice and messaging customer interactions.” “By means of this partnership, we intend to leverage the increased capabilities of our platform integrated with Azure’s generative AI to completely revolutionize the customer experience by delivering a customized engagement that emulates human-like behavior. The implications that AI will have on customer service and communications automation are just beginning to emerge.

“By 2025, most of customer service and support organizations will be utilizing generative AI technology in some capacity to enhance agent productivity and customer experience,” predicts Gartner.1 Azure’s responsible AI furnishes the necessary infrastructure and instruments to confidently deploy IntelePeer’s SmartAgent. When combined with IntelePeer’s advanced technology stack, data platform, workflow engine, and guardrails, its solutions consistently tackle the most critical issues associated with artificial intelligence, including accuracy, safeguards, security, privacy, and impartiality.

With an increased percentage of first-time resolutions and enhanced accuracy, IntelePeer’s SmartAgent can manage a variety of interactions with the same level of efficiency as a live agent. The platform offers individualized self-service functionalities that are intuitive for the user to navigate and provides intelligent call and message management around the clock. Moreover, SmartAgent’s capabilities in multiple languages are vastly enhanced by the Azure-based large language model, which also facilitates the dynamic delivery of responses to an extent not possible prior to the advent of generative AI.

Healthcare, insurance, utilities, retail, financial services, transportation and logistics, among others, are among the sectors for which IntelePeer provides vertical and domain-specific virtual agents. Customer interactions are automated via omnichannel communications solutions enabled by artificial intelligence and implemented rapidly by the company’s platform. IntelePeer has significantly reduced the cost of consumer interactions by a factor of ten since its inception, while automating more than millions across voice, messaging, and digital channels.

Generated AI has made it possible to consistently provide exceptional customer service. Consumers spend a substantial amount of time interacting with customer service representatives, while their level of loyalty and satisfaction with the organization is substantially enhanced. The advantages are readily apparent. Real-life, conversational interactions have the potential to alleviate laborious and frequently discouraging processes. Additionally, Fawzi stated, “We consider this to be a game-changer for all brands and their consumers.”

“IntelePeer can substantially expedite its generative AI innovation and streamline AI model management through a partnership with Microsoft Azure,” stated Ali Dalloul, vice president of Azure AI. By leveraging the well-established security protocols of both organizations, IntelePeer can expedite the delivery of solutions to clients while assuring them that their proprietary data is protected by robust security measures.

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