In order to provide a unified, omnichannel suite with a faster time-to-value and an expedited, derisked path to new innovation for customers with on premises, hybrid, or cloud contact centres, customer experience leaders are required to integrate product, go-to-market, and services.

A new partnership between Avaya, a global leader in enterprise customer experience solutions, and LivePerson, the enterprise leader in digital customer conversations, has been announced. The purpose of this partnership is to combine voice, digital, and artificial intelligence capabilities into a single omnichannel solution that provides connected and personalised customer experiences and accelerates enterprise digital transformation.

Enterprises are able to augment their existing investments in Avaya cloud and premises-based solutions through the partnership between Avaya and LivePerson. This is accomplished by deploying market-leading digital, automation, artificial intelligence, and analytics capabilities in an integrated experience. This eliminates the need for rip-and-replace or migration, which enables businesses to achieve transformative results more quickly, at a lower cost, and with a significantly reduced risk to their operations.

Avaya will leverage two novel and inventive offerings by integrating LivePerson’s Conversational Cloud platform, which has received acclaim for facilitating digital customer conversations and conversational intelligence, as a component of the new partnership.

Advanced Digital Capabilities provides scores of digital channels, natively supports third-party channels, bots, and LLMs, and leverages LivePerson’s best-in-class messaging, AI, and conversation orchestration solutions. With Avaya’s unified agent desktop, it will be fully incorporated with Avaya Experience Platform on-premises, in the private cloud, and in the public cloud contact centre solutions, thereby connecting employees.

By enabling enterprises to access voice of the consumer data across all channels, Unified Insights Capabilities enable the evaluation of outcomes via post-conversation and near real-time insights. This array of capabilities provides the entire organisation with access to critical data gleaned from customer interactions in order to drive strategy, inform research and development, and enhance business processes. Utilising LivePerson’s conversational intelligence platform, which includes Analytics Studio, the new solution operates.

Avaya’s CMO and General Manager of Hardware, Josh Mueller, stated, “Today’s enterprises want to use analytics, digital channels, automation, and AI to deliver improved outcomes for customers while achieving new levels of operational efficiency and minimising disruption to existing core systems.” “Our customers and partners experience ‘innovation without disruption’ through their partnership with LivePerson, which enables them to seamlessly integrate world-class analytics and market-leading digital and AI capabilities into their existing operations.”

John Sabino, CEO of LivePerson, stated, “With Avaya, we’re paving an entirely new way for enterprises to realise the true ROI of digital transformation and AI immediately — without tying that value to a years-long CCaaS migration journey.” “Our strategic alliance will not only expedite the achievement of superior results, but also fuel an unparalleled omni-channel suite that is the pinnacle of its kind on the current market.”

By combining the capabilities, services, and client success metrics of Avaya and LivePerson, Advanced Digital Capabilities and Unified Insight Capabilities will accelerate time-to-value and reduce the risks associated with using AI for customer experience. 

Deployable interoperability between platforms, including a unified orchestration layer, analytics, and workstation that spans all channels; no disruption to investments made in pre-existing infrastructure, workflows, or customisations from either platform.

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