Meltwater builds on 20 years of robust AI capabilities by integrating OpenAI models and sophisticated algorithms to deliver insights, eliminating the time and guesswork required to interpret billions of online data points.

On 23 May 2023, Meltwater introduced a number of new AI-powered product advancements across a wide range of solutions. These innovations will help Meltwater’s customers surface insights, develop content, and improve their productivity.

New product enhancements powered by Meltwater’s artificial intelligence engine:

AI writing assistant

Utilizing the most recent advances in generative AI to enable customers to work more efficiently and surmount writer’s block. Powered by OpenAI’s GPT model, this intuitive tool boosts productivity and creativity by providing users with a simple method for creating highly engaging content that is seamlessly incorporated into their publishing workflow.

Discovery AI-based Insight assistant

Utilizing sophisticated artificial intelligence algorithms to automatically identify actionable consumer and market insights. By highlighting modifications, shifts, and patterns in online conversations that teams may have otherwise overlooked, the assistant enables them to stay ahead of the curve and make informed business decisions while mitigating information overload with automated, actionable insights.

Video Analysis

Advanced computer vision that recognizes trademarks, celebrities, scenes, and objects will enable users to extract insights from video footage shared on social platforms. Customers are able to obtain a more in-depth insight of their online brand and address a variety of issues, ranging from crisis management to content ideation, as a result of this.

These advancements are made possible by Meltwater’s AI engine, which capitalizes on nearly two decades’ worth of investments as well as the industry’s largest, richest, and most comprehensive dataset. Customers of Meltwater are already saving time across all of these AI advances, benefiting from improved workflows, and realizing tremendous value from these new tools:

The Discovery Insight Assistant is an intriguing feature, not just due to its capacity to recognize pertinent information but also due to its precision. The process of evaluating and determining the drivers of talks in a thorough and relevant manner is made much easier by this tool. Discovery has an enormous amount of untapped potential, making it a valuable resource for anyone who works with social data. Mentioned by Senior Market and Business Insights Manager at Lacoste, Jean-Baptiste Mac Luckie

Meltwater provides AI insights at scale by drawing on an unparalleled amount of data. More than 1.3 billion new documents are introduced to the system every day, 14 billion AI inferences are applied, and support is provided in over 240 different languages. In addition, Meltwater’s extensive experience with large language models (LLMs), which serve as the basis for generative AI models, places the company in a position of leadership to assist customers in finding insights amidst the sea of external data.

Since day one, Meltwater has been making investments in artificial intelligence (AI), and these latest advancements to our generative AI will deliver even more value to our customers. It is no longer necessary for a team to have highly developed technical abilities in order to harness the potential of internet data. According to Aditya Jami, the Chief Technology Officer of Meltwater, the AI-powered tools that we provide deliver the full benefit of media intelligence to enterprises of all types by surfacing more relevant insights and generating content, which ultimately saves time, streamlines workflows, and increases productivity.

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