New data-driven solutions, along with their extended predecessors, are intended to improve audience targeting across all platforms. Nexxen is a global, unified advertising technology platform with extensive experience in video and Connected TV (“CTV”). They have recently announced the launch of TV Viewership Audiences across the United Kingdom, as well as the expansion of their broader TV Intelligence offering in the United States. TV Intelligence is a suite of targeting, planning, and measurement capabilities that are rooted in contextual and exclusive automatic content recognition (“ACR”) data. Consolidating and integrating TV targeting and measurement technologies into the Nexxen Discovery platform and demand-side platform (“DSP”) of the company is what led to both the introduction and extension of the service.

As consumer tastes continue to shift and streaming services continue to gain popularity, particularly in the United Kingdom, advertisers will need to adjust their strategies in order to effectively reach and engage consumers across both linear and streaming platforms. Nexxen’s TV Viewership Audiences leverages exclusive ACR data to create custom segments based on linear and streaming behaviours, which is in pace with the rapidly shifting media landscape. This enables advertisers to reach and measure audiences with precision and scale, which Nexxen’s TV Viewership Audiences was designed to accomplish.

Within Nexxen’s TV Intelligence product, it is one of the three essential pillars, which also comprise the following:

  • TV Planning & Insights are proprietary planning solutions that help address the dilemma of who to target and where to reach them across linear and streaming environments. TV Planning & Insights are offered by companies such as Nielsen and Adobe.
  • Viewership Audiences for Television (sometimes referred to as TV Activations) – Robust TV targeting options that give precise, representative, and scalable reach by employing TV viewership data, in-content-based qualities, or media adjacency inside linear, cable television, and over-the-top (“OTT”) platforms.
  • Measurement of Television – A combination of in-house and partner-supported measuring tools that connect linear, CTV and digital campaign activation to marketing goals

Advertising clients that want to extend their reach across CTV and digital screens as well as those who want to analyse the impact of their linear and digital campaigns on key business outcomes (such as tune-in, foot traffic, conversions, and actions) will benefit greatly from the combination of these technologies, which provide a boon to such clients. It is anticipated that both TV Planning and Insights and TV Measurement will make their debut in the United Kingdom in the year 2024.

According to Jessica La Rosa, Vice President of TV Partnerships and Strategy at Nexxen, the company provides the compass and map necessary to navigate the evolving landscape of TV viewership in a place where every screen could be a touchpoint. Nexxen provides a compass and map to orient oneself through the dynamic realm of television viewership, in a world where each screen is a potential touchpoint. Through the introduction of TV Viewership Audiences in the United Kingdom and the expansion of their TV Intelligence offerings, they are setting a novel benchmark for the degree of accuracy and understanding that cross-platform advertising is capable of attaining.

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