Consumer Technology Utilises Real-Time Benchmarking, Analytics, and Unusual Insights to Determine the Most Effective Way to Conduct Customer Acquisition, Retention, and Operations in Order to Outperform the Competition.

Proxima, a provider of data intelligence software that aids in the scalability of customer acquisition and the enhancement of customer lifetime value for consumer technology enterprises, has introduced its latest business health check tool, powered by artificial intelligence. This tool offers more comprehensive insights into capital efficiency, profitability, performance, and profitable unit economics. This sophisticated instrument enables brands to optimise their efficiency, reduce the cost of customer acquisition, and increase customer lifetime value without relying on a data team.

Consumer retailers face formidable challenges, including an increase of fifty percent in the costs of customer acquisition, a decline of sixty percent of customers in tracking, and forty percent of business-to-consumer executives predicting missed profitability targets. These challenges are in addition to the increased privacy restrictions and macroeconomic headwinds that are currently being experienced. It is more difficult for consumer brands to continue existing if they do not have capital efficiency, operational discipline, and successful unit economics.

In addition to over 60 million distinct purchaser personas, the consumer data intelligence platform of Proxima utilises a vast repository of first-party data obtained from prominent media platforms. The new instrument from Proxima introduces several innovative features.

Acquiring customers through AI-enabled acquisition reduces expenses by an average of 26%.

Algorithms and insights that are actionable and provide guidance on how to maximise customer lifetime value and enterprise-wide performance.

In addition to enriching isolated customer data with the power of the network, network-powered enrichment includes performance metrics benchmarking that compares your organisation to others in its industry.

By employing an artificial intelligence capacity and a proprietary data network, Proxima regularly delivers results that are superior to those of traditional marketing techniques. This enables marketers to reach the most effective audiences while simultaneously saving both time and money. Since its founding in April 2022, the company has generated income that has increased by a factor of 400% and has extended its proprietary network of business-to-consumer brands and media organisations to include more than 12,000 entities. For the purpose of scaling performance across platforms such as Meta, TikTok, and Google, as well as providing businesses with data that is now essential for benchmarking, the artificial intelligence of the organisation creates custom audiences based on different consumer profiles that have been anonymised.

Kasper Garnell, co-founder of Joe and The Juice, stated that, given the comparable scale and scope of contemporary consumer retail companies, one of the greatest challenges we face is establishing distinct competitive differentiation. “Proxima’s data intelligence not only provides an accurate assessment of our competitive standing but also suggests potential adjustments that may enhance customer engagement and foster enduring value.”

Thousands of live data integrations with ecommerce platforms, email and SMS providers, and service providers grant Proxima complete visibility into patron transactions. Daily updates of audience data with actual purchaser data—including spend frequency, spend recency, average order value, and lifetime value by product category—establish acquisition and retention intelligence that enables profitable growth at scale.

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