Connect with AI Chat has been released by Scorpion, the foremost provider of digital marketing technology for local service businesses. Without requiring technical expertise, local businesses that provide services can now have their own specialised natural language conversational AI chatbot that can answer inquiries about their business and services.

By democratising a previously enterprise-reserved technology, Scorpion levels the playing field for local enterprises. Each company that uses Scorpion’s AI Chat receives a customised AI model that is available 24/7 and is trained on the specifics of its business, its unique selling propositions, and its industry. The AI is improved through the incorporation of ideal responses gleaned from hundreds of thousands of actual consumer conversations.

Connect was designed for local businesses seeking a simple and effective way to engage with more potential consumers online, including scheduling, texting, emailing, and bill payment. It interacts with website visitors in a natural manner, answering their queries and guiding them to take appropriate actions, such as scheduling an appointment or making a payment.

Toby Tippets, president of Big Mountain Heating & Air Conditioning, stated that his company’s consumers desire convenience and a positive experience from the moment they interact with them on their website until they receive service or make a purchase. The AI Chat feature of Scorpion can respond to inquiries regarding their services, assist with appointment scheduling, and even facilitate invoice payment. It is as if a representative were providing personalised consumer service via their website.

Businesses that have their own AI chat now have access to a powerful tool that can continually learn about their business and provide quick, useful support to website visitors. This tool can also learn more about the business the longer it interacts with website visitors. The options available to local businesses to convert new prospects and consumers will be greater than they have ever been.

AI Chat from Scorpion is designed to address the unique challenges and opportunities faced by local service providers. Existing generative AI solutions occasionally struggle with inaccuracy or inappropriate responses, but Scorpion’s AI Chat has been optimised to provide factually accurate, current, and secure responses. In addition, it adheres to industry-specific protocols and behavioural guidelines developed by more than two decades of experience with law firms and home service professionals by Scorpion.

“Generative AI technologies, such as OpenAI’s GPT models, offer unprecedented time-saving opportunities through automated workflows,” said Scorpion’s chief data scientist, Matt Bentley. However, to make AI secure and effective for local service businesses, a suite of supporting technologies is required, similar to how electricity requires infrastructure and specialised tools to become something that can be used safely by everyone.

Scorpion’s AI Chat offers a tailored experience for each new conversation by incorporating domain- and business-specific information into each chat response. Visitors to the website will have an easier time obtaining the information they need to move forward with the purchasing process as a result of this.

Local businesses utilising Scorpion Connect with AI Chat can expect to:

  • Improve Engagement
  • Enable Quick Scheduling
  • Provide Accurate Answers 24/7
  • Reduce Workload for Staff

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