The new solution integrates customer intelligence, audience definition, and content personalization into a single Gen AI-powered workflow, thereby augmenting the efficacy and velocity of large-scale marketing campaigns.

At Google Cloud Next ’23, Typeface introduced an integrated solution with GrowthLoop and Google Cloud’s BigQuery and GenAI Foundation Models to provide personalized generative AI throughout the entire campaign creation process. This solution integrates generative AI into a single, streamlined workflow that encompasses precisely defining audience segments and constructing custom content that can be rapidly distributed across multiple marketing channels. Now, marketers can accelerate campaign launches, realize impressive efficiency gains, and maintain brand consistency across all touchpoints.

Despite significant investments in audience and consumer data, marketing organizations continue to struggle with effectively transforming this data into targeted, personalized content at the required rate to meet market demand. Generative AI offers a solution by accelerating audience and content generation while preserving brand consistency.

A Complete Solution to Scale Marketing Campaigns Powered by AI

The GenAI Marketing Solution simplifies campaign construction, allowing for rapid experimentation and channel-wide delivery of personalized content. Key competencies include:

  • Unified access to customer data in BigQuery

            Using BigQuery, users can construct a 360-degree view of the consumer by utilizing first-party data from ads, sales, customers, and products.

  • By connecting GrowthLoop with BigQuery, marketers can define audience segments within their data cloud utilizing GrowthLoop’s natural language understanding capabilities and drag-and-drop journey orchestration tools.
  • Utilize Typeface’s embedded application to construct personalized content that combines GrowthLoop and BigQuery’s detailed audience segments with Typeface’s brand-personalized AI utilizing Google GenAI Foundation Models. Marketers can generate customized content for multiple channels, including blogs, landing pages, and more. 
  • Typeface allows users to generate brand-specific content directly within Workspace applications, such as Google Docs and Google Slides, to augment existing workflows with AI-generated content.
  • Effective coordination and performance evaluation
  • Easily distribute targeted audiences and content to your advertising channels. Monitor audience targeting and creative success in BigQuery, inclusive of performance metrics such as ROI and A/B tests, with GrowthLoop.

The solution provides tremendous value for customized, targeted campaigns that improve engagement and conversion rates. Business outcomes include amplified campaign and experiment launches, increased productivity with up to a tenfold increase in content creation, expanded reach across additional creative channels, Consistent brand representation across teams, campaigns, and business lines, as well as the delivery of personalized creative and audiences for numerous client journeys.

Chris Sell, co-founder of GrowthLoop, stated, “We are thrilled to join forces with Typeface and Google Cloud to usher in a new era of marketing workflows for businesses worldwide.” It is an exciting time for GrowthLoop to be able to support digital marketing teams in their efforts to become more efficient and provide them with the finest tools in the industry.

Gerrit Kazmaier, VP & GM, Data & Analytics at Google Cloud, mentioned that he is delighted that Typeface and GrowthLoop will use Google Cloud’s generative AI capabilities and AI Lakehouse platform, BigQuery, to simplify the creation of personalized content. Customers can create more effective, customized marketing campaigns with the aid of AI-generated tools that increase campaign-lifecycle efficacy.

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