The revolutionary Software Development Kit (SDK) that UneeQ, a pioneer in the field of digital human technology, has been working on for quite some time has now been released. This software development kit (SDK) substantially accelerates the process by which marketers integrate AI-powered digital human experiences into digital surroundings – not the least of which in augmented and virtual reality applications, like Apple’s cutting-edge Vision Pro.

Gartner predicts that by the year 2026, around 25% of people will spend at least one hour per day participating in virtual reality (VR) activities connected to their place of employment, shopping, education, interacting with others, and entertainment. In preparation for this huge shift, UneeQ has released a new software development kit (SDK) that enables marketers to easily integrate AI-powered digital humans into their augmented reality (AR) or virtual reality (VR) products. This gives companies the tools they need to breathe life into their virtual worlds.

According to Victor Yuen, who serves as Chief Metaverse Officer for UneeQ, in this new age of immersive computing, AI digital human interfaces will be the new paradigm for user experience. He mentioned that in retail, for example, consumers do not enter stores to flip through brochures or interact with touchscreens. They desire to speak with an expert.

Additionally, Gartner predicts that by 2027, the majority of B2C organizations will allocate dedicated budgets for digital humans in metaverse experiences, with the responsibility residing with the Chief Marketing Officer (CMO).

Danny Tomsett, the chief executive officer of UneeQ, states, “The new SDK enables businesses to take the lead in digital transformation while accelerating the productive applications of mixed realities. The new SDK from UneeQ represents an important turning point in the evolution of digital technology for humans, and the near future of online commerce will be highly intimate and customized. Having a product expert in your living room to discuss and answer any queries is no longer the stuff of science fiction; it is now in the hands of brands that wish to realize this future.”

Last month, Dell Technologies showcased a digital human named Clara, created by UneeQ, at the Dell Technologies World conference in Las Vegas. Throughout the conference, Clara interacted with tens of thousands of attendees in 3D space, providing guidance and a personalized experience.

Digital humans are increasingly used to create interactive and immersive conversational experiences for the web, mobile devices, and virtual environments. In order to improve client experiences, L’Oréal, Deutsche Telekom, and Mercedes-Benz have already adopted digital humans.

Following a host of other developer-friendly tools, UneeQ’s new SDK enables businesses to rapidly deploy digital humans on web, mobile, and kiosk applications – often within hours.

These SDKs eliminate the need for sophisticated coding, allowing brands to integrate conversational experiences into their channels in minutes, thereby reducing the amount of time required to experiment and realize value.

Tomsett continues by stating that by eliminating the requirement for custom programming and providing a painless deployment process, they are enabling brands to leverage the power of lifelike digital humans in a way that was earlier unthinkable. 

Tomsett stated that they believe the future of customer engagement rests in a seamless integration of virtual beings, and that UneeQ is proud to pioneer this transformational journey.

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