ADstruc, a software tool, will enable the seamless scalability of conventional OOH planning and purchasing in conjunction with digital and programmatic approaches.

Vistar Media, the preeminent international provider of technological solutions for out-of-home (OOH) media, has made the following announcement: ADstruc has been acquired from PJX Media, which specialises in conventional OOH planning and purchasing software.

Michael Provenzano, CEO and Co-Founder of Vistar Media mentioned that OOH media industry is no different from the rest of the world which is propelled by software. While Vistar’s programmatic marketplace and enterprise software businesses have experienced remarkable growth, their clients continue to emphasise that digital OOH and programmatic within it represents only a fraction of the broader OOH landscape.

ADstruc software has automated the conventional OOH planning, purchasing, and selling process for nearly fifteen years. By eradicating mundane duties, ADstruc enables agencies to allocate their resources towards strategic thinking, innovative approaches, and return on investment for their clients. By utilising the tool, PJX Media was able to expedite their media operations and effectively manage hundreds of millions in OOH billings with the assistance of a team of seasoned OOH specialists. For PJX and other agency clients, the ADstruc platform processed a cumulative OOH investment volume of over $1 billion. Currently supported by Vistar’s dependable engineering, outstanding customer service, and software with global scalability expertise, ADstruc is positioned to emerge as the preferred platform for the OOH industry on an international scale.

Rick Robinson, CEO of PJX Media, mentioned that PJX Media strengthens by unleashing the value of ADstruc, and they are incredibly thrilled to see this moment for the OOH industry materialise. ADstruc is the workflow application of choice among vendors, buyers, and planners. Across the entire OOH marketplace, the original vision of our founders, John Laramie and Josh Warrum, to provide OOH software that can genuinely serve the entire industry, is now realised. 

PJX Media continues to expand as an independent OOH agency fueled by technology, offering its expertise in OOH planning and purchasing to other agencies and brands both domestically and internationally. Additionally, the acquisition guarantees that PJX Media will maintain complete access to and utilisation of ADstruc, the tool it initially developed as a client, in order to automate its purchasing and planning. Clients of PJX Media will further advantage from the agency’s proficiency as Vistar enhances the comprehensiveness and potency of their business tools.

Already, the majority of OOH media owners in the United States utilise ADstruc to respond to agency RFPs; they will now gain access to the most cherished and relied-upon instrument among agency planners and buyers worldwide. Furthermore, in contrast to rival solutions that impose transaction fees, ADstruc offers media proprietors access at no cost.

Vistar will also recruit the ADstruc engineering team and a dedicated account manager in addition to the software asset. Provenzano stated, “With the ADstruc team’s exceptional leadership and foundational knowledge, I am eager to invest heavily in the expansion of the engineering and support teams to ensure the company’s continued success.”

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