In order to empower customers to capture the full value of data and engage audiences and insights across the whole digital ecosystem, Predactiv has begun selling its next-generation platform. Predactiv is the company that is setting the standard at the confluence of data and technology. Utilising the cutting-edge technology that Predactiv has developed, customers are able to integrate and enhance existing datasets with data from Predactiv or any other data source, and then translate the combined information into findings that are constructive and actionable.

The success of ShareThis, a major data and programmatic advertising provider, which is recognised for its engineering competence and pioneering contributions to the use of artificial intelligence in audience and insight creation, led to the development of the Predactiv platform. As of right now, any data owner is able to make use of the same platform that was responsible for the creation of the reliable and exclusive ShareThis audience segments in order to develop and implement their own distinctive data plans. As ShareThis continues to operate as a Predactiv brand, it will continue to provide our esteemed customers with access to ShareThis audiences. Additionally, it will continue to provide the most innovative publisher solutions and tools out there.

With Predactiv, you may get more for less, which is what everyone wants. Increased performance, increased data, and increased technology. A reduction in the amount of infrastructure and engineering resources that are required. Our platform is specialised in the collection of client data, the expansion of that data with additional sources, and the subsequent refinement and update of that data in order to become the leading source of organisational value.

To ensure that the value of the data is maximised, the Predactiv platform makes use of artificial intelligence and data science. The ability of Predactiv to find predictive signals is made possible by the enrichment and processing of information through our platform. This results in a significantly more comprehensive and precise perspective of consumer behaviours. When all is said and done, the Predactiv platform considerably enhances the core data assets of clients, resulting in improved performance.

According to Dana C. Hayes, Jr., the Chief Executive Officer of Predactiv, “Predactiv is the result of our AI-driven innovation in data engineering over the course of the former five years.” Predactiv is able to combine and transform data assets, read online and offline signals, and apply expertise in the form of artificial intelligence and decision science thanks to our patented platform. This enables Predactiv to capture and unleash the underlying value that lies inside data on a vast scale. 

In addition, Predactiv is a pioneer in the fields of privacy and compliance. All of our data products and solutions, as well as our data gathering, administration, and technological processes, continue to be at the forefront of establishing industry standards for privacy and compliance. Predactiv, for instance, has successfully navigated the cookie deprecation by developing new privacy-centric contextual targeting solutions that do not rely on the identification of the user. For the future AI-driven frontier, the data platform and tools offered by Predactiv make it possible to achieve compliance at scale and with precision.

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