Today marks the launch of the first phase of the platform, which will ultimately provide voice twins with secure, AI-enabled audio communication.

This day marks the unveiling of the first step of a multi-tiered rollout of Twin Protocol’s revolutionary artificial intelligence twin platform. Stacey Engle, a prominent business leader and pioneer in the artificial intelligence field, and Bill Inman, a senior blockchain entrepreneur and Chief Strategy Officer, came up with the idea for Twin Protocol, which offers the most secure method of information exchange, beginning with voice communication that is made possible by artificial intelligence.

When everything is said and done, the decentralised platform of the company is centred on the construction of personal, safe, artificial intelligence twin data sets that are owned by individuals on the blockchain. The first platform will eventually develop into multiple modalities, such as chatbots, holograms, robots, and even avatars, all of which will be completely secure thanks to the blockchain technology that the company has developed.

Through the use of the Twin Protocol platform, the goal is to revolutionise the way in which thought leaders, brands, celebrities, and other persons connect with customers, followers, and individuals in a secure manner. People from all over the world who are looking for knowledge and expert insights at any time of the day or night are able to communicate with AI twins that have been rigorously trained in a manner that is extremely relatable, one-to-one, and uses natural language. Customers have the ability to engage in verbal communication on the Twin Protocol platform. In the not too distant future, the platform will be gamified, and consumers will also have the option to create their very own artificial intelligence twin, which can be accessible safely by other ecosystems.

In the near future, Twin Protocol will disclose a number of other digital speech AI twins that are at the showcase level, exhibiting the advantages of this innovative communication medium that is driven by artificial intelligence. Their vocal artificial intelligence twins will be made available on the Twin Protocol platform. These AI twins will be created by celebrities, sports professionals, business leaders, and other thinking leaders. In the AI Twin Showroom, experts and influencers have the opportunity to monetize their audience relationships by enabling various individuals to interact with their artificial intelligence twins.

As CEO of Twin Protocol, Stacey has put together an exceptional global team and strategic partners that will help build the Twin Protocol ecosystem, which will include AI twins in a variety of industries including business, entertainment, sports, education, and more. Every interaction on the platform will be made a learning and engagement journey via the usage of a Twin AI Utility coin.

“We have taken best-in-class technologies in a cross-section of fields and built a seamless, secure, intuitive, new communication medium with unlimited, real-world applications,” claims Ms. Engle. Along the line of developments over the past century, including the telephone, radio, and the internet, Twin Protocol represents the next major leap in interpersonal communications, a Netflix for information if you will. Leaders of the company, Stacey Engle and Bill Inman, are AI twins who demonstrate the possibilities of this technology when used sensibly and professionally. 

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