The industry leader in software for visual collaboration, Lucid Software, recently made an announcement regarding their most recent whiteboard integration with Google Meet touchscreen interfaces. Users will be able to open Lucidspark immediately from Google Meet Series One Board 65 and Desk 27 by Avocor thanks to this connection, which will be beneficial for teams all around the world because it will encourage powerful hybrid collaboration experiences. From Board 65 and Desk 27, users will have the ability to initiate and join a Google Meet call. Additionally, users will have the ability to initiate a standalone whiteboard session outside of these Meet calls.

According to Dan Lawyer, Chief Product Officer at Lucid Software, “Our latest integration with Google Meet touchscreen devices signifies our commitment to empowering global teams to achieve successful outcomes by helping them connect, engage, and execute on ideas faster, regardless of whether they are physically present in the office or working remotely.” Lucid provides an environment that encourages creativity and improves team alignment in virtual meeting spaces that hybrid teams frequently use, such as Google Meet, by taking advantage of the most intelligent and comprehensive visual collaboration platform that is currently available. This is in response to the growing number of hybrid teams that are looking for holistic solutions to strengthen collaboration and streamline workflows.

Within the confines of physical meeting rooms and settings, Lucidspark and the Board 65 bring the power of visual collaboration to the forefront. In the event that Lucidspark is integrated with Google Meet devices, it enables teams to engage in face-to-face communication on an unlimited canvas, while simultaneously allowing remote coworkers to participate in a Google Meet session.

A single tap from the home screen is all that is required for users to create a new Lucidspark board with the integration of Board 65. Alternatively, users can generate a Join ID code in order to share an existing board. Working together in real time on a single canvas that enables cooperation from all participants to express their thoughts and align more quickly is beneficial for teams, regardless of whether they are hybrid or all together in the office. 

Users can take advantage of a variety of customised features, such as a toolset that matches with the Board 65 stylus to sort and make sticky notes, add shapes, tag, generate Lucid Cards, add photographs, and a great deal more. This is made possible by a custom-built experience that is specifically designed for the Board 65.

An extended partnership with Google Workspace is the foundation upon which this most recent device integration with Google Meet is supported. The seamless migration feature of Lucid imports Jamboard files as fully editable Lucidspark boards, allowing teams to pick up where they left off in their work. This feature is available to Workspace users who are searching for an alternative to Jamboard.

In addition, users of Lucid have the ability to add and change Lucid documents within the ecosystem of integrations with Workspace. These integrations include Google Docs, Google Sheets, and Google Slides. In addition, they have the ability to directly embed Workspace files within Lucid documents, which allows them to guarantee that teams have access to the most recent information. 

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