“Aidge” is Alibaba International Digital Commerce Group’s (also known as “Alibaba International”) first commerce-centric, artificial intelligence (AI)-powered suite of application programming interfaces (APIs). It is geared towards streamlining worldwide operations for businesses of all sizes. Today, Alibaba International announced the pilot launch of “Aidge.” Aidge, an acronym that stands for “AI for Digital and Global Entrepreneurship,” is built on Alibaba International’s proprietary large language models as well as computer vision models. Aidge’s name is an acronym for “AI for Digital and Global Entrepreneurship.” These models are trained on the company’s profound insights into the operations of global e-commerce, which enables Aidge to improve the business performance of firms while simultaneously lowering their costs.

During the stage of pilot testing, Alibaba International intends to test more than 15 APIs with software as a service (SaaS) partners and independent service providers (ISVs) who are interested in participating. These application programming interfaces (APIs) address many different facets of global business, including consumer insight, content localization, marketing, design, and customer support.

Globally active small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) continue to confront a multitude of obstacles, according to Kaifu Zhang, vice president of Alibaba International and leader of the organization’s artificial intelligence (AI) initiatives. It caters to client requirements in areas such as content localization, customer support, and marketing, with the end objective of helping businesses achieve higher conversion rates and more operational efficiency.

Aidge invites interested SaaS partners and ISVs to participate in the pilot testing phase by evaluating and co-defining its suite of over 15 APIs, which presently offer support for 18 languages. Aidge is a company that provides comprehensive multilingual, content localization, and marketing solutions. In addition to aiding businesses in surmounting linguistic and cultural obstacles, it also resolves the challenges encountered by SMEs in recruiting design, marketing, and customer service personnel. Information obtained from the internal application of Aidge at Alibaba International has shown that the AI suite can substantially improve order conversion, consumer satisfaction, and time efficiency for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

The APIs currently offered by Aidge cover aspects including:

  • Consumer insights
  • Content localization
  • Customer service
  • Design
  • Marketing 

Additionally, Aidge offers a variety of AI agents that are capable of assisting businesses with search engine optimisation, customer inquiry and request administration, and sales conversion. 

A South Asian e-commerce platform, Daraz, is among the platforms collaborating with Aidge on pilot testing. Later this month, Daraz will release an enhanced version of its Instant Message feature. Through AI-generated prompts, Aidge’s AI tool facilitates timely and effective communication between sellers and purchasers. A superior purchasing experience will be available to customers, and sellers will be able to expand their online operations significantly through the automation of the entire process. 

Aidge is in the process of integrating its services into the e-commerce platforms of Alibaba International, where it expects to expand its reach to a greater number of SMBs via partnerships with SaaS providers. SaaS partners and ISVs are presently being extended invitations to partake in pilot testing. A regionally phased deployment is expected to occur by the conclusion of the current year.

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