PubMatic, an autonomous technology firm that envisions the future of digital advertising supply chain management, unveiled a revolutionary data partnership with Experian, the preeminent global information services organisation, today. Because of this cooperation, PubMatic has become the first sell-side technology provider of Experian marketing data in both the United States and the United Kingdom. This is a significant achievement in the advertising industry. Customers of the company gain access to unique capabilities, allowing them to more effectively target commercial media at the household level.

Experian’s Mosaic segments, which provide deep, cross-channel insights, are a useful addition to the company’s syndicated audiences, which include a wealth of information such as spending models, consumer demographics, property data, and automobile audiences. These audiences are a complement to Experian’s syndicated audiences, which include information such as this. These unique insights will profoundly revolutionise the way in which media purchasers use data-driven marketing methods in commerce media to attract their intended audiences. This will be accomplished by putting an emphasis on protecting users’ privacy.

In addition, advertisers will have the chance to make use of the consumer data and audience analytics provided by Experian throughout the entirety of PubMatic’s premium omnichannel inventory. This inventory includes mobile, online, in-app, and connected TV (CTV) platforms. As a result of this agreement, for the first time, this data will be accessible within the programmatic ecosystem in the United Kingdom at the household level, as opposed to the postcode level.

Peter Barry, vice president of addressability and commerce media at PubMatic, stated, “By integrating Experian’s robust commerce data into our platform, we provide our customers with an unprecedented competitive edge by empowering them with a deeper understanding of their target audiences and market-leading targeting capabilities, while maintaining a commitment to privacy.” “We eagerly anticipate assisting brands and agencies in maximising the potential of this innovative partnership, which is a first in our field.”

The integration of PubMatic’s sell-side targeting functionalities with Experian’s extensive consumer insights will empower media buyers to optimise their campaigns, stimulate increased engagement, and maximise return on investment. By leveraging the comprehensive understanding of consumer behaviour, including transaction details and purchasing preferences, advertisers can employ PubMatic’s Connect platform to enhance their marketing strategies through the implementation of more targeted and personalised communications to specific target audiences.

Colin Grieves, Managing Director of Marketing Services UK&I at Experian, stated, “We believe that by integrating with PubMatic we can unlock tremendous value for media buyers, enabling them to leverage our consumer insights to precisely and effectively plan and deliver campaigns that advertisers have long desired but rarely found possible.” “By collaborating, we can establish a foundation for inventive marketing campaigns that establish profound connections with our target audiences, resulting in heightened ad relevance for consumers and enhanced engagement for our brands.”

Experian and PubMatic are jointly dedicated to advancing digital transformation and providing media purchasers with unmatched targeting capabilities. Through this partnership, both organisations are positioned to significantly influence the trajectory of data-driven advertising and transform the commerce media industry.

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