A solar-powered outdoor advertising platform advances strategically with the appointment of a 20-year industry veteran as its new CEO.

Toby Sturek has been appointed CEO of Soofa, a company that pioneers solar-powered street-level digital media displays utilised for smart city communication and outdoor advertising. Sturek will oversee the expansion of Soofa’s out-of-home (OOH) offering in cities throughout the United States.

Sturek has more than two decades of experience as a leader in the OOH media sector and a demonstrated history of expanding businesses, sales teams, and revenues for market-leading organisations. Recently, he held the position of President at Branded Cities, a prominent out-of-home advertising firm spanning North America that possessed a substantial preeminent digital and static presence. Prior to that, Sturek occupied executive positions at Clear Channel Outdoor for a period of sixteen years, where he honed his exceptional leadership skills and solidified his extensive industry expertise.

Sturek stated that he is ecstatic to lead the expanding Soofa team in its pursuit of transforming every city into an intelligent, social, and sustainable environment. By capitalising on his profound expertise in the out-of-home sector and Soofa’s distinctive platform, they will expeditiously assist an increasing number of municipalities in effectively connecting with their residents and assist further brands in reconfiguring their outdoor advertising approaches as they strive to attain Zero Carbon objectives.

Soofa is experiencing a period of remarkable innovation and expansion concurrent with Toby’s appointment, according to Lindsay Gardner, a former interim CEO and board member of the organisation. Along with expanding into new markets, Zero Carbon digital kiosk footprint strengthens their alliances with industry-leading advertisers, including prominent wireless, entertainment, and sports betting companies. Under Toby’s leadership, Soofa’s talented and dedicated team is enthusiastic about witnessing the company surpass all expectations and emerge as a dominant force in the OOH industry.

Jeff Binder, executive chairman of Soofa, added that Soofa’s eight-foot-tall solar-powered digital kiosks provide brands with multiple methods to reach their audiences on hundreds of Soofa signs across the country. Toby provides cities and brands with an expanding array of advantages, such as digital e-ink displays that “pop” in direct sunlight, aesthetically pleasing full-color vinyl covers that encircle the entire structure, and the simplest OOH installation process worldwide.

Sturek further stated, “The sustainable technology that drives Soofa signs is an industry game-changer.” Advertisers not only observe a decrease in their carbon emissions but also acquire a deeper understanding of the effectiveness of their campaign compared to the traditional out-of-home (OOH) environment, where acquiring the essential metrics to calculate return on investment has proven to be challenging. Soofa signs are an exceptionally distinctive and unmatched product in the current marketplace.

The Soofa communication platform is the industry standard for use in both smart cities and outdoor advertising. Over sixty cities in twenty-one states have embraced Soofa’s solar-powered digital kiosks, which stand eight feet tall and provide municipalities and advertisers a range of ecologically responsible options to contact their citizens and target audience. Soofa’s digital kiosks have been implemented in over sixty of those towns.

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