This combination solution, which offers a FAST platform that is both integrated and secure, makes it feasible to distribute protected material as well as to develop new revenue models.

Amagi, the world’s leading provider of cloud-based software as a service (SaaS) technology for broadcast and connected television, and Intertrust, the industry’s leading provider of digital rights management (DRM), have announced a collaborative solution. This solution involves the integration of Amagi’s CLOUDPORT platform for streaming channels with Intertrust ExpressPlay DRM service from Intertrust.

The protection of premium content that is offered by ExpressPlay content rights management enables Amagi’s customers to meet the requirements of content owners and deliver premium content through the constantly expanding sector of Free Ad-supported Streaming Television (FAST). This is made possible by the fact that Amagi’s customers are able to fulfill the criteria of content owners.

CLOUDPORT is a package of cloud-based capabilities that Amagi offers to broadcasters and content suppliers in order to facilitate the delivery of FAST services to clients in international markets. Through the use of a web-based user interface, it offers smooth media intake, complete content management, scheduling, playout, support for complex graphics, and accurate ad placement and monitoring. All of these features may be accessed remotely. Through the incorporation of Intertrust ExpressPlay DRM, Amagi customers are able to guarantee the protection of premium, linear, and video-on-demand (VOD) content while also catering to the ever-changing requirements of service providers and advertisers for targeted ad insertion and efficient monetization techniques.

According to Billy Romero, Vice President of Product Technology for FAST Distribution at Amagi, “The decision to deploy Intertrust ExpressPlay’s multi DRM solution was key to our expansion plan on FAST platforms.” We are able to distribute material in a secure manner while yet retaining the agility that is necessary for dynamic ad insertion, which is at the core of our business model. This is made possible by the powerful technology that Intertrust provides.

Amagi has the capability to integrate adverts in real time and in a smooth manner within encrypted multimedia streams thanks to Intertrust ExpressPlay DRM. This is accomplished without sacrificing the level of security. This particular level of content safety is essential for Amagi’s one-of-a-kind business approach, which is characterized by the direct correlation between rapid and secure ad inserts and potential revenue streams.

Ali Hodjat, Vice President of Product Marketing at Intertrust, stated that the company’s relationship with Amagi exemplifies the company’s dedication to delivering innovative digital rights management (DRM) solutions that are specifically designed for the era of streaming and targeted advertising. It is a privilege for us to be able to provide assistance for Amagi’s revolutionary content delivery on FAST OTT platforms. This will ensure that media rights and ad-based models are able to prosper in the highly competitive streaming landscape.

Intertrust ExpressPlay continues to establish new standards for the industry with its delivery of more than 50 billion digital rights management licenses in just three years and its ability to manage 20,000 licenses per second during peak viewing occasions. These accomplishments now extend to the protection of fast-moving-image channels.

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