Customers should be provided with Super Sonic experiences by brands. The growing use and efficacy of audio, as well as the rising popularity of podcasts, digital music, and immersive entertainment, have necessitated global sonic management and enhanced creative audio output. 

According to sources, American adults actively use digital audio for more than 100 minutes per day. This exceeds time spent on social media, viewing television, and streaming mobile video. Digital audio and music are particularly effective at bridging cultural and generational divides.

Sonic Hub assists brands in becoming Super Sonic by meticulously researching, planning, creating, and monitoring the sonic behaviors of their target audiences and the sonic positionings of their competitors. Sonic Hub’s three essential instruments are Sonic Radar, Sonic Check, and Sonic Space. Aural Hub establishes a collaborative ecosystem to enhance the requirements for aural assets and audio experiences. 

Sonic Radar

Positioning in the market is crucial for modern brand strategies. Even more effective than visual assets in establishing brand differentiation is sonic branding. Aural Radar is a research-based instrument that supports the definition of audio and aural assets, allowing brands and their communications to stand out and engage audiences effectively. 

Sonic Radar is an interactive database comprising tens of thousands of brands and audible profiles segmented by industry. As it focuses on brand evaluation and contrast and provides users with a comprehensive breakdown of sector-wide sound usage, the tool is excellent for brand and media planning. The tool analyzes the use of sound and music in brand communications across social media and digital channels and provides an easily digestible Sonic Snapshot. Sonic Radar identifies genres and emotions and highlights sonic logos and stock music usage. With the assistance of sophisticated AI, deep learning algorithms, and manual research, this analysis focuses on brand, audience, and metrics. 

Audio Check

Engagement of the target audience, coupled with market research, is the first step in brand sales conversion. Sonic Check offers an audio testing alternative to marketing hunches, predicting target audience engagement and emotional connection to brand noises.

Sonic Check is a web-based platform used to quantify the impact of sonic assets, such as campaign soundtracks and sonic logos, on brand recall, authenticity, emotional engagement, distinctiveness, and other performance and emotional attributes. Using market research techniques and AI-driven rapid and real-time testing in conjunction with consolidated data, brand sentiment is measured and valued relative to a predefined brand aural profile.

Sonic Check recommends all viable sound options and aids in comparing sonic asset drafts, facilitating the monitoring of creative reworks and draft decisions. 

Sonic Space

Cost reduction and return on marketing investment are crucial for brands seeking to expand their market share. Visual alternatives are more expensive than aural ones. Decision-makers will need to modify expenditures by prioritizing sound solutions that are also cost-effective. Sonic Space is a refined solution for brand sound requirements, created with brand equity, efficiency, and budget in mind.

Sonic Space is a cloud-based music repository designed to assist brands, agencies, and creative teams on their path to Super Sonic. Users are able to listen to tracks, navigate the application using advanced filters, construct, share, and comment on playlists. 

Within Sonic Space,  Generative AI method allows scalable audio production and gives stakeholders the ability to create fully produced, branded audio assets for their audiovisual content. 

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