Dentsu has announced a global partnership with Anzu, one of the world’s leading in-game advertising platforms. This collaboration aims to provide Dentsu’s clients with a more comprehensive and sophisticated approach to intrinsic in-game advertising, promoting gaming as a powerful advertising medium.

Anzu, renowned for its advanced in-game advertising capabilities, and Dentsu, a key growth and transformation partner for top global organizations, are joining forces to elevate the in-game advertising landscape. The partnership will introduce advanced gaming strategies to Dentsu clients, enhancing the quality, targeting, measurement, and commerce aspects of in-game advertisements.

With a global audience of over 3.3 billion gamers and an average weekly gaming time of eight hours and 27 minutes—an increase of 14% since 2020—gaming has become an attractive platform for advertisers. In response to this trend, Dentsu launched its integrated gaming solution in 2021, enabling businesses to effectively engage with gaming audiences through the Attention Economy, driven by genuine creativity and cross-channel engagement.

Anzu has been a pioneer in the field of in-game advertising, establishing measuring standards and connecting brands with gaming audiences through the use of award-winning solutions for intrinsic in-game advertising. The combination of Dentsu and Anzu has already resulted in winning campaigns for major consumer packaged goods (CPG), technology, automotive, and energy brands. During the year 2024 and beyond, it is anticipated that this collaboration will produce additional growth for clients.

Dentsu customers will be able to take advantage of an innovative method of advertising that is embedded within the game thanks to the partnership between Anzu and Dentsu. Among these are the development of complex data integrations, the production of highly customised gaming audiences, and the improvement of targeting and decision-making throughout the planning and execution of campaigns. As a result of these efforts, marketers will be able to build and deploy contextually relevant campaigns that are targeted to the specific interests and behaviours of their target audience. This will result in marketing efforts that are more effective and engaging.

Itamar Benedy, Co-Founder and CEO of Anzu, expressed his excitement about the partnership, highlighting its benefits for both the industry and Dentsu’s clients. “We have been developing a comprehensive advertising strategy for the gaming industry for many years. This includes establishing strategic partnerships, creating cross-platform offerings, collaborating with AdTech vendors and industry bodies to develop new tools and standards, and connecting world-leading brands with game publishers. We are committed to advancing this discipline in partnership with Dentsu, a collaborator who shares our vision.”

Brent Koning, Global Executive Vice President of Dentsu Gaming, echoed this enthusiasm, emphasizing the innovative strategic approach they can now offer clients. “This partnership integrates data and measurement, improves creative quality, and scales commerce in games. The reality is that in-game solutions must benefit the advertiser, publisher, and most importantly, the player. We will work with Anzu to establish advertising standards in gaming that are authentic and respectful to the gaming community and consumers, enhancing recruitment and marketing processes for our current and prospective clients.”

Through this enhanced partnership, Dentsu and Anzu are poised to revolutionize the in-game advertising industry, providing clients with cutting-edge solutions that drive engagement and success in the ever-evolving gaming landscape.

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