As a result of the Partnership, the platform’s artificial intelligence capabilities will be expanded, and Text-to-Image will become free for commercial use in advertising and marketing.

The world’s best artificial intelligence design studio, Picsart, has made an announcement that it has formed a partnership with Getty Images to produce a unique model that will provide millions of creators, marketers, and small businesses with AI imagery that is responsible and safe for commercial use. Getty Images’ licenced creative content will serve as the sole source of training for the model, which will be constructed from the ground up by Picsart’s artificial intelligence lab.

As the number of people who create content for marketing objectives continues to rise, Picsart is working to eliminate the friction that exists between the concept and the visual output by providing the most advanced artificial intelligence tools available. These capabilities range from basic editing and retouching to the production of big marketing campaigns. Picsart subscribers will be able to develop their own one-of-a-kind photographs thanks to the agreement, which will also provide them with complete commercial rights and an indemnity. They are then able to make use of any of Picsart’s more than three thousand editing tools in order to enhance or modify the asset for a variety of purposes.

Hovhannes Avoyan, CEO and Founder of Picsart mentioned that in today’s world, marketers are required to generate content around the clock, and they do not want to rely on Picsart to do it. Having everything you need in one location makes it possible for everyone, from the individual designer to the owners of small businesses, to fulfil the constant creation demands of modern business. Photosart provides an infinite number of customisation, content, and editing options for a wide range of applications, including social media advertisements and website graphics. This relationship will make it possible for a world-class brand to develop AI-generated images that can be used for commercial purposes. In order to bring this to market, we are overjoyed to have formed a partnership with Getty Images, which is widely considered to be the most prominent commercial collection in existence.

The massive creative library of Getty Images is connected with the next generation of marketers and creators through this relationship, according to Grant Farhall, Chief Product Officer at Getty Images. High-quality content is empowered for use directly within the Picsart platform through this alliance. Creative thoughts are brought to reality by creators while still adhering to the greatest standards of commercial safety. Excitement is felt about working with another partner who has chosen to construct robust artificial intelligence capabilities by utilizing licensed content in a manner respectful of the rights of intellectual property holders. 

The model is being constructed by Picsart’s artificial intelligence lab, PAIR, which is overseen by Chief Scientist Humphrey Shi. According to Shi, “The team has been investigating commercially safe and responsible generative AI in order to suit the needs of Picsart’s 150 million active creators.” The model will be made accessible through the API services that are provided by the company.

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