As the leading platform for alternative app distribution and monetization, Aptoide made considerable progress in 2023, achieving important milestones that reinforce its position as the industry leader in mobile gaming. Aptoide is the preeminent platform for alternative app distribution and monetization.

By forming strategic partnerships with gaming giants such as Age of Apes, Triple Match 3D, Gardenscapes, Matchington Mansion, Evony: The King’s Return, and The Walking Dead: Survivors, the platform was able to increase its catalogue of games. Aptoide is committed to provide its global user community with a diverse selection of high-quality gaming experiences, and these joint endeavours help to highlight the company’s commitment to this objective.

Both Aptoide’s pioneering strategy and its unwavering devotion are demonstrated by the astounding annual sales increase of 75% that the company has experienced. The significant increase in usage not only indicates that consumers are satisfied with the platform, but it also highlights the platform’s attraction to developers, which helps to strengthen its position in the business.

Aptoide was awarded an investment of €8.5 million by Digital Turbine (DT), which represents a significant milestone in the strategic alliance between the two companies. This investment was made at a time when the momentum was growing rapidly. DT’s original investment, which was made in October 2022, is further strengthened by this capital, which highlights their joint determination to bring about a paradigm shift in the distribution and monetization of applications.

The GamesHub project, which is a collaboration between Digital Turbine and Aptoide, is currently playing an important position in the cooperation. GamesHub is a game app store that is rapidly becoming the platform of choice for the most important operators in the United States. It is anticipated that the platform would experience significant expansion in 2024 as a result of the strategic alliances it has formed with mobile carriers like as ATT, Verizon, USCellular, Tracfone, Cricket, and BLU US.

As the founder and chief executive officer of Aptoide, Paulo Trezentos, made the following statement: “Our achievements in 2023 underline our dedication to offering extraordinary experiences.” The unrelenting pursuit of innovation is highlighted by the increase of our gaming catalogue as well as the tremendous growth that we have experienced.

An expression of pride was conveyed by Álvaro Pinto, the creator and chief operating officer of Aptoide, for the dedication of his team in achieving these key milestones. We have been able to revolutionise the distribution of mobile applications by providing solutions that are unparalleled to both consumers and developers. This has been made possible by the joint efforts of our team.

The expansion that Aptoide is planned for the year 2023 is evidence that the company has been successful in bringing about change in the landscape of app distribution. This shift will be brought about by the firm’s ability to provide applications that are both more powerful and innovative to customers as well as developers. The year twenty-four ought to be the one in which the corporation further increases its dominant position in the market for mobile gaming. One reason for this is that it is anticipated that a great number of significant regulatory decisions will be taken in the months that are to come.

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