Vitruveo has achieved a noteworthy milestone with the sale of non-fungible tokens (NFT) surpassing one million dollars. This represents a substantial achievement achieved by the organisation.

Vitruveo, an innovative blockchain platform specifically developed for the digital artist community, is ecstatic to declare that sales of non-fungible tokens (NFT) have surpassed one million dollars, representing a significant milestone. This accomplishment has been attained by Vitruveo. It represents a significant advancement for the ecosystem, which has been rapidly gathering traction in the Web3 and creative communities. This accomplishment represents a substantial advancement.

It is a sign of the growing demand for Vitruveo’s one-of-a-kind approach to supporting creators in the digital era that this remarkable achievement has been accomplished. Vitruveo has developed a cutting-edge blockchain ecosystem that makes it possible for artists to tokenize and monetise their work in a secure manner. This provides artists with new chances to produce revenue and engage their audience without compromising themselves.

Vitruveo was able to reach this significant milestone by selling its Booster and Super Booster non-fungible tokens (NFTs). Each and every non-fungible token (NFT) contains a piece of artwork created by a well-known artist from around the world. Additionally, each artwork is enabled with augmented reality (AR), this also allows the buyer to have their own personal experience with the art that they collect. Times Square in New York City was the location where all of the Booster and Super Booster NFT artworks were shown in December of 2023.

Not only do holders of the NFT receive a certain quantity of $VTRU tokens, which is Vitruveo’s native cryptocurrency, but they also receive thirty percent of the commission money from the sale of artwork. Additionally, they are able to take advantage of Vitruveo’s early adopter advantages by utilising the protocol’s one-of-a-kind built-in rebasing mechanism. With the use of this function, holders are able to watch their $VTRU tokens grow in value over time without having to worry about inflation affecting their worth.

Nik Kalyani, the founder and chief executive officer of Vitruveo, recently issued a statement in which he expressed his gratitude for the tremendous support that has been provided by creators as well as the wider community. According to Vitruveo, “We are happy to have crossed the $1 million mark in NFT sales, and we are truly grateful to our lively community who trust in Vitruveo’s ambition to become the most trusted blockchain for creators in existence.” Because of this achievement, we are even more determined to fulfil our promise to provide creators with a blockchain platform that gives them the ability to prosper in the digital economy.

Vitruveo’s ecosystem will be strengthened and evolving with the help of the revenues that are raised through the sale of NFTs, which will be strategically distributed. Among the primary areas of concentration are the enhancement of platform features, the expansion of partnerships, the coverage of exchange liquidity, and the deployment of cutting-edge decentralised applications (Dapps) in order to guarantee a seamless and secure experience for creators as well as collectors.

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