A new campaign was initiated by Artlist to advise brands on how to collaborate with influencers. Artlist, the preeminent creative technology company that is entrusted by millions of digital creators and major brands across the globe, has initiated a campaign to provide guidance to brands regarding their partnerships with influencers.

This phenomenon can be primarily attributed to the current estimated value of influencer marketing at $16.4 billion, which is seeing an increasing number of brands allocate substantial portions of their advertising budgets towards dealings with creator brands.

There are numerous lessons that brands should bear in mind when collaborating with influencers, as illustrated by the campaign. These include the importance of discerning suitable creators for partnerships and establishing alliances that are comprehensive, influential, and mutually advantageous.

Recent research by Artlist examining more than 6,000 creators across the globe illuminates the intricate relationship between brands and influencers. A mere 8% of participants express disinterest in generating sponsored content, whereas nearly 30% have engaged in partnerships with brands to produce user-generated content (UGC) or sponsored content.

A substantial 91 percent of creators anticipate that their collaborations with brands will increase in 2024. The increase in activity can be ascribed to the creators’ aspiration for greater visibility and financial prospects.

40% of creators are eager to collaborate with the greatest number of brands available in 2024, while 37% are more concerned with working with brands that align with their personal brand. This underscores, in part, the persistent aspiration of content creators to maximise exposure and revenue streams, and, in part, the significance they attribute to authenticity by promoting material that corresponds with their personal values and identities.

In addition, the survey highlights the interest of creators in receiving results from campaigns in which they have invested, with 62% of respondents indicating that doing so would assist them in gaining knowledge and enhancing their performance. Artlist’s Partnerships Team Leader, Dikla Bengio, emphasises the significance of open and honest communication: “A fundamental aspect of a successful partnership is engaging in a candid and transparent dialogue regarding the objectives that underpin the association.” “Only after expectations have been harmonised can we develop a business paradigm that is advantageous for all parties involved.”

37% of creators anticipate that in 2024, brands ought to grant influencers greater creative autonomy. An equivalent 36% emphasised the significance of forging enduring and substantial alliances. Artlist’s Partnerships Team Leader Dikla Bengio discusses the organization’s collaborations with creators, stating, “Many youthful creators whose careers we initiated have since amassed enormously successful channels. This outcome can be attributed to our dedication to providing early support and recognising their potential from the very beginning.

An additional exemplary instance of a significant collaboration between a brand and an influencer is presented in this video curated by the filmmaker duo Feelm. In it, one of Artlist’s collaborators, Sam Newton, takes part in the duo’s narrative of inspiration. This exemplifies how conducting collaborations with brands can surpass traditional methods of product promotion, yielding genuine and influential content.

With the growing accessibility of creative tools in 2024, an increasing number of creators will enter the market. This development underscores the significance of the year for brands seeking to collaborate with influencers and capitalise on this phenomenon.

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