A marketing executive who is recognized for his strategic acumen in driving the company’s growth in critical industry sectors.

Arkose Labs, the industry leader in bot management and account security, has announced that Patrick Kehoe has been appointed to the position of chief marketing officer. Kehoe will be responsible for overseeing the strategic direction of the brand, as well as the marketing of content, the generation of demand, the marketing of products, and digital marketing campaigns.

It is anticipated that Kehoe will move Arkose Labs into the next phase of its worldwide market leadership in the cybersecurity sector. Kehoe has a solid track record as an inventive marketer and growth driver. In addition to being a member of the company’s executive leadership team, Kehoe is directly accountable to Kevin Gosschalk, the company’s founder and CEO.

This is a momentous milestone that will take place when Kehoe joins Arkose Labs. In the year 2023, the corporation was able to accomplish all of its financial and operational goals with a substantial amount of success. Both Deloitte and TIME have recognized Arkose Labs as one of the fastest growing companies in North America for the third year in a row. Additionally, TIME has included the Arkose Bot Manager platform on its annual “Best Inventions” list. This list highlights the 200 most extraordinary innovations that are affecting the world around us.

In a statement, Gosschalk expressed his excitement over the addition of Patrick to the squad. He mentioned that they will enjoy a significant acceleration in their growth as a result of his extensive experience in the cybersecurity field as well as his reputation as a marketer who encourages unconventional ways of thinking while supporting data-driven insights. His vision for how we communicate their mission and the value they offer to the most successful firms in the world is precisely aligned with the objectives that they have set for their company.

In his statement, Kehoe highlighted his excitement about the potential that lie ahead, saying, that he is happy to be joining Arkose Labs at this important time in the business. The level of complexity of automated attacks is increasing, enemies have risen from the shadowy underbelly of the dark web to develop businesses that provide cybercrime as a service, and artificial intelligence is making it possible for bots to be more persistent and clever. It should come as no surprise that cutting-edge solutions, such as those offered by Arkose Labs, are absolutely necessary.

He is pleased to engage with their customers, who are already leaders in the worldwide industry, Kehoe mentioned. He wants to make sure that their requirements are satisfied. By working together, they will enhance the digital experiences of their customers and lower the cost and impact of assaults that are initiated by adversaries that are financially motivated.

Kehoe served as Chief Marketing Officer at Coalfire, a worldwide risk management and compliance organization, and Axan, which is now known as Digital, before he joined Arkose Labs.AI is driving growth and increasing shareholder value for each company.

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