Azerion and Captify have established a new partnership that is aimed at enhancing search intelligence capabilities in France and Italy. Captify, renowned for providing real-time audiences and insights powered by search intelligence, is joining forces with Azerion, one of Europe’s largest digital advertising and entertainment media platforms. This collaboration will accelerate buyers’ access to audiences derived from open web search data, while also enabling brands to leverage cookieless activation in these markets.

The search-powered and cookie-free audience solutions offered by Captify will provide Azerion with further depth in its reach of more than 500 million average monthly users. In order to provide real-time insights into customer interests, mindsets, attitudes, and intent, Captify’s audiences are constructed on the largest onsite search dataset outside of the walled gardens. Buyers in France and Italy will continue to have access to these audiences through curated deals within their preferred digital service provider (DSP), and now they will also have access to these audiences through Azerion’s managed service offering. This is an extension of Azerion’s platform strategy, and it is being done in order to offer advertisers with the audiences they require, as well as to aid European publishers in the production of interesting content and the monetization of that material.

Azerion will also assume responsibility for Captify’s current sales endeavours in France and Italy as a consequence of this partnership. This encompasses the responsibility of serving current consumers. The agreement specifies that Captify’s commercial operations and sales teams in France and Italy will integrate with Azerion. This move aims to support business growth by fostering new and existing customer relationships and managing operational duties. The partnership’s completion is contingent upon meeting several standard conditions.

Captify was established in the United Kingdom in the 2011.  In 2015, the company expanded into the French market, and in 2019, it entered the Italian sector. During this time, the company built and scaled connections with advertisers, agencies, and publishers. In addition to continuing to engage in product innovation, Captify will direct its efforts towards expanding their key markets, which include the United States of America, the United Kingdom, and Australia.

Mickael Ferreira, Vice President of Operations at Azerion, issued the following statement: “We are happy to be partnering with Captify on this extension of our product in France and Italy.” The Search Intelligence product that Captify offers does a good job of integrating with our suite of cookieless solutions for the web, audio, CTV, and DOOH, and it will bring a great deal of value to the experience that we provide for our customers.

This exciting deal with Azerion will accelerate access to Captify’s one-of-a-kind Search Intelligence capabilities in France and Italy, as stated by Mike Welch, Chief Executive Officer of Captify. This will be accomplished through the expansion of Captify’s commercial footprint in those territories. At a time when cookie-based signals are scheduled to be phased out, this will make it possible for even more buyers in France and Italy to leverage their cookieless, real-time audiences across even more channels.

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