Beatgrid, the global currency for advertising efficacy, has partnered with Disney Star to offer cross-platform measurement insights. This partnership leverages Beatgrid’s state-of-the-art deterministic measurement technology to offer brands a comprehensive understanding of the efficacy of their video campaigns on both linear TV and digital platforms.

The collaboration is focused on the utilisation of Beatgrid’s single-source panel measurement, which employs Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) technology to passively evaluate campaign performance comprehensively across multiple video advertising platforms, rather than restricting it to standalone assessments on individual ones. This method offers advertisers a unique value by establishing a standardised measurement methodology and metrics to evaluate the impact of campaign exposure on Linear TV content and channels, as well as on Digital Video. This will enable them to make more informed media investment decisions in the future.

The distinctive advantages of both Linear TV and Digital Platforms have been illustrated in the research conducted under this collaboration. Linear TV continues to provide substantial benefits in terms of audience engagement and brand memorability, while Digital Video is known for its balanced ad frequency distribution and targeted reach. This cross-screen brand impact measurement has demonstrated the relative impact across exposed cohorts on only linear TV, only digital video (including user-generated content platforms), and both.

The insight that “context of exposure” is significant is reaffirmed by the superior impact observed on brand’s mind metrics among the cohort exposed to Linear TV’s Professionally generated content (PGC). Beatgrid has conducted numerous measurement studies on a variety of brands, including FMCG, E-commerce, and smartphones. These studies have consistently demonstrated a 10% or higher increase in awareness, interest, contemplation, and purchase intent among the audience cohort that has been exposed to ad campaigns on Linear TV’s PGC.

Disney Star has elected to spearhead this innovation agenda in order to enhance the quality of advertising effectiveness measurement in India and provide its clients with more comprehensive guidance through this partnership with Beatgrid.

The dedication of Disney Star and Beatgrid to promote innovation and support strategic decision-making in a fast-evolving and dynamic media environment is emphasised by this collaboration.

Beatgrid, which was established in 2014 and is headquartered in the Netherlands, has rapidly become the currency of cross-media advertising efficacy. It has transformed the way in which advertisers evaluate the effectiveness of their cross-media investments by utilising single-source and person-level measurement. A novel panel measurement technique that circumvents conventional IP-matching is employed in this new-wave approach to ensure a privacy-conscious evaluation with participant consent.

By passively monitoring audio-visual ad exposures across a variety of channels and directly correlating them to brand lift survey responses within the same panel, Beatgrid’s distinctive approach offers a comprehensive understanding of consumer interactions. In order to provide unparalleled insights into incremental reach, frequency, and incremental brand lift, it utilises passive mobile Automatic Content Recognition (ACR) and Geofencing technology, as the sole provider of a single-source, person-based solution. Beatgrid’s solution has been validated by prominent organisations, including Amazon Ads, Google, McDonald’s, P&G, and Unilever, which have established it as the standard for measuring advertising effectiveness.

Daniel Tjondronegoro, who has a global business expertise in broadcasting and cross-media advertising, is a master at fostering commercial partnerships and creating adtech products in the US, EMEA, and APAC. He co-founded Beatgrid with Leon van Zantvoort after achieving success at MyRadio. 

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